How Much Does Cardi B Weigh?

Cardi B is one of, if not the, biggest female rappers in the game right now. But, how much does Cardi B weigh?

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Cardi B is one of, if not the, biggest female rappers in the game right now. She rose to fame and stardom seemingly overnight, blowing out the competition and cementing herself as one of the most exciting and interesting artists right now. Cardi is relatively young still, so shes had no trouble keeping a slim figure and a toned look. The stress of being constantly in the spotlight as a global superstar certainly hasn't gotten to her, as she still looks as great as she has ever done. Maybe better, even. But, how much does Cardi B weigh?

Cardi B recently (2019) came out and said that she was only five foot three, which should surprise no one that's seen her on stage or the red carpet. At five foot three, she is slim for even her height, as she weighs just 125 pounds. Or 56 Kilos for those of you that use the metric. Managing to stay so slim and toned while eating the way she does is quite impressive. If you've seen her Livestream on social media you'll know that she doesn't stick to just a rigid diet of salad and water. That makes her impressively low weight even more admirable.

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Who is Cardi B?

Cardi B, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and rapper. She has also dabbled in acting and has made more than a couple of television appearances. Someone like Cardi who thrives in the spotlight has no trouble fitting in on TV talk shows and making herself heard. It is arguably one of the reasons she has become quite so successful. Cardi was born on October 11th, 1992. Meaning she is just 29 years old. Her incredible fame, wealth, and social media influence are even more impressive when you consider just how young she still is.

Cardi was born in Manhattan but raised in the Bronx. The Bronx has always had an affinity for music, and hardship, so there is no doubt that the location of her upbringing helped shape her into the talented hard worker that she is today. Cardi was only the second female rapper to ever chart at number one with her single. It has been a genre long dominated by men, Cardi might be the breath of fresh air that so many people have been crying out for. Cardi has had quite substantial success as an actress too. She was a regular cast member for the successful show, "Love & Hip-hop: New York". This comfortability on camera is what helped her be the naturally charming and charismatic person she is in real life, and on social media.

Cardi, at one point, spent time working as an exotic dancer. This time on stage likely played a large part in building her self confidence and was intangibly tied to why she has always, and likely will always, look so good. It has always played a part in who she is. There has been some controversy around her time here, unfortunately. Supposedly, Cardi has come out and said that she used to steal from her clients when she encouraged them to be as far from sober as possible. It was a long time ago, she was a different person, whether it did or did not happen is not something that will likely ever be resolved. We can't even know for sure if it was true, or if it was just Cardi trying to generate attention for fun. But it should be mentioned, nonetheless.

Why is she so famous?

Cardi is arguably as famous as she is because of two things. First of all, her social media presence and unique style of music have allowed her to carve an extraordinary amount of the market share for rappers. There are very few female rappers worth mentioning at the top of the game, Cardi has managed to secure almost all of that market for herself. Then, you must consider the infamy. Her self started rumors about her drugging clients to steal from them has not been the best for her popularity. Although, that is most often in a certain male demographic. Many of us assumed she is just embellishing stories to be interesting. That's what she has done as a social media influencer for years. Whether or not it's true, or the fame it generated is good or bad, it DID generate attention.

She is also famous for her willingness to say what she wants, when she wants, about whatever she wants. As evidenced above. She has always been outspoken about injustices she notices and ideas she wishes to share. Her willingness and freedom to express herself has been great for her career, and great for showing others that they too can speak their mind. If someone as famous as Cardi has the confidence to make sometimes controversial statements, then why can't those of us who are not under constant media scrutiny do the same? Cardi has also done a large amount of charity work, she doesn't describe herself as a philanthropist per se, but you could argue she is one.

Why might you be interested in her weight?

Cardi B is an anomaly. There are no other female rappers in the game that are quite as talented or controversial as she is. There are certainly none who are as successful. She has always looked great, she hasn't started to let herself slip even though she perhaps now could. She is already famous, she is already beloved, she is already exceedingly wealthy. So, looking as good as she does is a choice, not a necessity. She chooses to take the time to eat well and exercise. But, she also eats what she wants. She regularly streams herself eating junk on social media, so it's refreshing to see an influencer who is honest about what they eat and when. You won't hear Cardi preaching that you shouldn't eat in the evenings, because she regularly streams herself eating in the middle of the night.

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