How Much Does Celine Dion Weigh?

She is easily one of the most decorated artists and has been in the media for less than flattering reasons, regarding her weight.

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Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard of Celine Dion. If you haven't heard of her, I can assure you that you have heard her. Heard her sing, at least. She is one of the most talented and famous singers alive. Or has ever been alive, arguably.

She is easily one of the most decorated artists. She has countless awards from all over the world from throughout her career. Celine is truly radiant, the way she looks and sings can and should be described as simply angelic. She has been a pretty drama-free artist. She has stayed true to herself, and never ventured into areas she didn't feel comfortable. She didn't try and force an acting career as so many other singers do nowadays.

Celine has been in the media for less than flattering reasons, regarding her weight, it seems some people dislike the reasoning and the extremity with which she tackled the task of losing weight. But, we will get into that in detail further on in the article.

How much she weighs now, is very impressive. She weighs just 52kg (112 pounds), which is pretty darn good for anyone, but when you are 51? That's just something else. You would never guess she was in her 50s. You'd think she was in her early 40s looking at pictures of her online.

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Who is Celine Dion?

Celine Dion is a singer, songwriter, and musician who was born in Charlemagne, Canada. The French Canadian singer has been involved in the world of music for as long as she can remember. It takes a lifetime of hard work and practice to have the range and technique that she does. Sure, she was likely born a very gifted singer. Or at least born with the potential to be. But no one but her is responsible for the outstanding voice she has today. Talent can only get you so far. The rest is grit, determination, and an unrelenting want for success. Celine war married to Rene Angelil from 1994 to 2016. With whom she had 3 beautiful children. (Rene-Charles, Nelson, and Eddy).

Why is she so famous?

Celine is one of the most famous people alive. It is not uncommon for people who reach the top of their industry to become famous. Singing especially. It is almost unheard of to become this famous. She has a presence that has truly transcended what it means to be a celebrity. You have A list celebrities, and then you have Celine Dion. She has gained her fame by working hard and being involved in the community. She is one of the most decorated singers ever. If not THE most. She has sold over 200 million copies of her albums worldwide. Which, if you are good at maths, tells you that 1/40 people on earth have bought her music. Which is pretty darn impressive. Of course, that is a bi-product of fame rather than a cause. Why she is so famous is largely to do with her voice. It is simply beautiful. She has a range that very few other people have ever, or likely will ever, have. My heart will go on is probably the most famous song of hers. Its feature on the movie Titanic is arguably one of the reasons it did so well. That movie was one of the most successful of all time. The song certainly contributed to that!

Celine and her awards

Celine has won an unprecedented amount of awards. It is, quite honestly, shocking. Not in a bad way, it is not as if she doesn't deserve them. It is just that one person being that decorated is hard to wrap your mind around. She has won multiple Grammys, people's choice awards, pop awards, Las Vegas awards, radio awards, and awards specific to Canada, France, and the USA. She has been nominated for far more awards than she has won, you can't win everything after all. Most singers are happy to just be nominated. It seems as if merely being nominated is a weekly occurrence for Celine. If you want to read more about the awards she has won (and hasn't won) you can find a huge list here on one of her many Wikipedia pages. Celine's list of awards and nominations.

How did Celine lose so much weight?

Celine came under fire for losing so much weight so quickly. She signed a deal with L'Oreal, and while it was stated she needed to lose weight it seems as if she felt that she should. Or at least she wanted to. The problem? She lost it quickly. And many people believe she lost it for the wrong reasons. Apparently, losing weight for a cosmetics company is not acceptable. But losing it because you want to, for no reason, is. This is, of course, just people complaining over nothing. She looked great, she still looks great, and she's happier this way. Who are we to complain? How she lost the weight is nothing special. Just a well-balanced diet and exercise. It helps to have a lot of money, a personal trainer, and a private chef. But hard work still plays a part.

What does Celine Dion do now?

What do you do when you have as much money as you could ever need, enough awards to sink a ship, and an unprecedented amount of fame and fan adoration? Well, you get a job working in Vegas. Singing at a Vegas casino full time is a weird gig. You get a lot of money. Like, a LOT, of money. But you are performing all the time. Sometimes every night. It must get tiring, and a little repetitive. But, I am sure tens of millions of dollars a year will help stem the boredom of repetition. Celine surely spends her vast amounts of dollars doing whatever she likes. I'm sure she could retire now, live comfortably. But, why not do more? So much of it gets donated to charity, Celine does so much for so many, perhaps she feels she can't stop? Who knows. So long as she's happy, so should we be.

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