How Much Does JLO Weigh?

Jennifer Lopez has been the very definition of a world-renown superstar for a long time, and you might be curious how much jlo weighs.

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Jennifer Lopez has been the very definition of a world-renown superstar for a long, long, time. She has managed to stay on top even when unkind rumors have circulated about her. Jennifer is the other side of 50 now, but you wouldn't tell it by looking at her. She looks phenomenal! She has managed to continue looking slim, toned, and as young as ever while those around her have not. This is not an easy task, genetics will play a part, for sure. But hard work and a strict diet is the only way to look this good for this long. But, how much does Jennifer Lopez weigh?

JLO weighs just 120 pounds, or 55kg, which may not sound like all that much. But, when you consider she is five foot 6 you can understand why she weighs so little. She is very slim and very toned, so her weight puts her smack bang in the middle of the healthy range.

 Even people in their 20s and 30s would be pleased to look as good and weigh as little as she does. Doing it in her 50s is taking healthy to a whole other level. Jennifer has never pushed anyone to be "skinny". She has always advocated for looking how you want, she has even said herself that she could be skinnier. But that's part of her charm, women identify with the way she looks and men like her self confidence. She has the best of both worlds.

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Who is Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez, or "JLO" as she is commonly known, is what one might consider a jack of all trades. Might, she may branch out into a huge array of different things. But, she doesn't just do them okay, she does them fantastically. She is a very talented singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, fashion designer, and role model for women (and men) everywhere. She has been a singer/dancer/actor almost since the day she was born (July 4th, 1969). But only started to make it into the big leagues in the early 90s. She began her career with regular appearances on In Living Color. She was a dancer on the show until she began to more seriously pursue acting. Quickly securing herself some big roles, even going on to star in some very famous films such as Anaconda.

Why is she so famous?

There are numerous reasons for her success and fame. First, she is almost immeasurably talented at everything he does. It is incredibly rare for someone to become famous as a singer, actor, dancer, songwriter, or businesswoman. She has managed to do so at all of those things. She is also just a generally well-liked person. Being nice and charismatic is as important for fame as being talented. Luckily for Jennifer, she has the personality to back up her talent. Jennifer is of Latin descent, which makes her a minority in the US where she lives and works. This worked in her favor, as a lot of other minorities resonated with her. She represented those who felt underrepresented. And she did it tremendously. After she starred in the movie Anaconda, she became the highest-paid Latin American actor in Hollywood. No small feat. You could also argue she paved the way for others to follow her. Whether it is helping them break into the industry, or just giving them the confidence to try.

How does she stay so slim?

Jennifer is a very dedicated person. She is dedicated to her craft, of course, but also her diet. She sticks to a strict diet of healthy, nutritious, foods. She has cut out all refined foods. And as many types of sugar as possible. This isn't for everyone, but it does work. If anything, Jennifer is evidence of that! She doesn't take crazy drugs, or have dangerous surgeries, she just holds herself accountable for what she eats. And is rewarded with an amazing body and youthful look about her. For those of us who wish we looked as good as she does, male or female, take heart knowing that it IS possible. It isn't easy, it isn't an overnight thing, but it is doable. Whether or not you are willing to do it is up to you, of course.

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