How To Choose a Bed Frame

The right bed frame is a vital part of any sleep sanctuary. It’s the main support system for your bed and important if you want to get a proper night’s rest.

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The right bed frame is a vital part of any sleep sanctuary. It’s the main support system for your bed and important if you want to get a proper night’s rest.

Bed frames are an important part of your bed. In addition to supporting your mattress and increasing its longevity, a bed frame is crucial in helping you get better sleep by elevating your comfort. A bed frame is also a focal point of your bedroom décor. And because we spend an average of 26 years (or a third) of our lives sleeping, it’s important to choose a quality bed frame. After all, good sleep can lead to a healthy and happy life.

The weight size of your mattress, the size of your room, and the bulkiness of your bed are among the most important things to consider when choosing the right bed frame. You should also consider the type of bed frame, bed frame material, height, features, and accessories.

Choosing the right bed frame is as important as choosing the right mattress since it’s the foundation of every bed. Unfortunately, choosing the right bed frame always seems like a monumental task. But because it’s a very important decision, we’re here to help you choose the right bed frame for you and ensure that you won’t lose any sleep.

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Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Bed Frame?

There’s no doubt that a bed frame is a staple in almost every bedroom. But even with that, it’s always important to get the right bed frame for your bedroom. Here are a few reasons why you should choose the right bed frame.

Promoting Healthy Sleeping

The right bed frame can enhance your sleep position by making you comfortable. This will in turn make it a lot easier to get in and out of bed. If anything, some modern bed frames are designed with adjustable base frames, which make them essential in supporting your unique sleep style.

As such, the right bed frame can ensure that you aren’t sleeping in an unhealthy position. More importantly, it can alleviate various sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea, thereby promoting your health and overall well-being.

Protecting Your Mattress

Generally speaking, mattresses require the right support to increase their longevity. As noted earlier, your bed frame is the foundation of every bed. Without the right bed frame, you’ll be damaging your mattress and inadvertently shortening its lifespan by creating sagging spots while causing lopsidedness.

Adding Style

Your bed remains the focal point of your bedroom. It’s the first thing that anybody who walks into your bedroom looks at and should always be appealing. Unfortunately, your bed can never be appealing if you choose the wrong bed frame.

Motion Transfer

Many of us have a lot going on in our minds. Such things make us light sleepers. This is why it’s crucial to invest in the right bed frame. You have to keep in mind that a below par manufactured bed frame might become wobbly and could deprive you of sleep.

Types of Bed Frames

As noted earlier, choosing the right bed frame for you can be quite challenging. Well, there are different types of bed frames, so you need to be well informed when choosing the right type of bed frame for you. Here’s a look at the most common types of bed frames.

Platform Bed Frame

This is one of the most stylish types of bed frames out there. It offers almost the same mattress support as a box spring. This is essential in creating a firm and flat surface for the mattress, which is important in reducing the wear of the mattress.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an additional height like an NBA player, a platform bed frame doesn’t require you to use much physical exertion to get out of bed.

Traditional Bed Frame

This type of bed frame consists of head, foot, and side rails, which support the mattress on all sides. Generally manufactured of wood or metal, a traditional bed frame is typically rectangular in shape and comes with casters (wheels or glides) that are designed to make the bed easily maneuverable.

Adjustable Bed Frame

This type of bed frame offers the foundational support needed for the adjustable base of the bed. It’s designed with a multi-hinged surface that is ideal for compatible mattresses. Highly-recommended for anyone who wants to improve his/her sleep; adjustable bed frames can be best-suited for you if you sit up in bed a lot.

You can either adjust the head or foot position and offer more support than regular bed frames. You, however, must be sure that you use an adjustable-friendly mattress to maximize your investment and put in good use the adjustable bed frame.

Storage Bed Frame

Similar to a platform bed frame in the sense that it doesn’t require a box spring, a storage bed frame goes a bit further by offering compartments and drawers at the base of the frame. This type of bed frame is ideal if you have a small bedroom but still need more storage space or if you want to limit the number of bulky drawers in your bedroom.

Daybed Frame

This is a versatile bed frame that can be used as a seat during the day and a bed at night. It’s an ideal bed frame for anyone with a busy lifestyle and looking for multipurpose furniture that can serve both as a bed and a seat.

Bunk Bed Frame

This type of bed frame is perfect if you want to accommodate two children in one bedroom. It’s designed to maximize the play area within the bedroom while also offering sturdy support for two mattresses. Thanks to a ladder, a bunk bed frame allows each child to easily access his/her sleeping space.

Futon Bed Frame

Similar to the daybed frame, the futon bed frame can be used both as a bed and as a seat. The only difference is that a futon bed frame offers a larger sleeping space and is more functional thanks to its drawers and other attachments. It can be ideal when you’ve got guests to accommodate.

Rollaway Bed Frame

Do you need an extra bed for your guests or during family gatherings? Well, a rollaway bed frame will satisfy such needs at a moment’s notice and can be easily stored away when not in use.    

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Bed Frame

As you consider the different types of bed frames to go for, here are a few factors to consider before spending your hard-earned money.

The Size of Your Mattress

Choosing a bed frame can be a bit easier if you already know the size of mattress that you have or want to go for. You have to remember that both the mattress and the bed frame are long-term investments but have to match each other.

If you have a queen-size mattress, your bed frame should be queen-size. If you have a full-size mattress, you should go for a double bed frame. You have to keep in mind that a bed frame that fits a particular size of a mattress may not be ideal for a different size of a mattress. As such, it’s important to choose a bed frame that perfectly fits the size of your mattress.

The Size of Your Bedroom

A bed is generally the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom and will typically take a huge part of an average-sized bedroom. You do not want to find yourself in a weird scenario where you go for an extremely huge bed frame that only ends up overpowering the room and taking up unnecessary space.

The best thing to do is to have measurements of your bedroom and know the exact measurement of the bed frame that’s ideal for the room. You can get a sense of the size of the bed frame required by placing your mattress on the floor to approximate the space that the bed frame should take.

You should consider choosing a bed frame that is less imposing if your bedroom is small. On the other hand, you can go for a huge bed frame if space isn’t an issue in your bedroom.

Choose the Best Support System

It’s a known fact that mattresses need a support system beneath them. Without a proper support system, the mattress will become disproportionate and wear prematurely. The two main support options include:

  • Platform beds
  • Box springs

Platform beds – This provides built-in support for your mattress and it usually sits lower than a bed with a box spring.

Box springs – It offers great support for your mattress and can be used in both traditional bed frames and platform bed frames.

The choice between a platform bed and a box spring is all about firmness. Some people prefer the hard foundation of a platform bed while others prefer the bouncy aspect of a spring box.

The Height and Bulkiness of the Bed

A tall bed frame requires a high ceiling and a light bed frame will start feeling cramped if other parts of the bed are bulky. As such, it’s important to consider the height and bulkiness of the bed frame.

If you love an elaborate bed with a headboard and other objects that add flair such as bookshelves, make sure that the bed frame is perfectly compatible with these additional items. You have to keep in mind that the bed frame will have to be disassembled to get through the bedroom door before being reassembled once inside.

In essence, you should choose the comfortable height of the bed. Remember, a higher bed can be ideal if you have mobility issues while a low-profile bed frame can be perfect if you like staying low to the ground.

Consider Decorating Styles

A bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so choosing the right style and design of the bed frame is of great importance. You certainly want your bed to create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable feeling and it all starts with your bed frame.

A metal bed frame can be ideal if you want minimalist but clean lines while a wooden bed frame can be perfect for creating a cozy, warm, and elaborate feeling. Once you figure out the style of bed frame that might suit your bedroom style, you can look at various bed frame styles and choose the one that’s most appropriate for your bedroom.

Ensure Overall Quality

The overall quality of your bed frame matters a lot. You do not want to choose a cheaper option that won’t last or provide the kind of support that you need. With that in mind, you should inspect the overall quality and craftsmanship of the bed frame. Make sure that it gives you more support and is a long-lasting option.

Consider Your Budget

You may come across and fall in love with a bed frame that’s made out of pure mahogany. Unfortunately, it is very expensive and not within your budget. What’s the best thing to do? Well, do not go for it if it’s not within your budget. Instead, consider the amount of money that you’re willing to spend and only choose an appropriate bed frame within that price range.

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