How To Get My Boyfriend To Lose Weight Without Hurting His Feelings

If you’ve been wanting to help your boyfriend lose weight but are afraid you’re going to hurt his feelings, there are several ways you can go about this.

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If you’ve been wanting to help your boyfriend lose weight but are afraid you’re going to hurt his feelings, there are several ways you can go about this.

Weight is a tricky thing for us humans. Many of us have tried to lose weight and wanted the support of family and friends on our journey. Others of us want to go it alone. But when there is someone in your life – like a boyfriend – who is either sabotaging their own success or doesn’t seem motivated at all, it can be hard to know what to do to help them. And, you know if you come on too strong it’s going to make them upset, or maybe even make them lose interest in trying to lose weight altogether.

Here are 4 ways you can help your boyfriend lose weight without hurting his feelings:

  • lead by example
  • be open about your own struggles
  • make healthy food choices for both of you
  • engage in activities that get you both moving

It’s hard to approach another person with a problem that is personal. And weight loss, particularly, is very personal. If you have a boyfriend who doesn’t seem to be able to lose weight, or just doesn’t seem that interested in general, you are going to have your work cut out for you. And if you’re not careful, it can actually backfire in your face and cause him to become even less motivated, and maybe even hurt by your suggestions. But – with a little creativity and a lot of love, you can help him lose the weight and become his best self. He may even thank you for it in the end.

I have been on both sides of this problem. I’ve been in a position where I wanted to help my partner lose the weight they had gained and I’ve been the person who needed to lose the weight, but didn’t really appreciate the suggestions that were being given to me. Following are some tricks and tips I learned both times that worked for me…hopefully they will for you as well.

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How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Lose Weight?

Losing weight is a challenge for all of us…helping someone we love lose weight is an even bigger one.

Most people will say that trying to invoke change in another person is futile. People change only when they want to. But – there are still certain steps you can take to encourage positive behavior in others and help them find the motivation to make good choices in their life. Here are some things to consider that may lead your boyfriend to losing weight.

1. Lead By Example

Perhaps this, more than any others, is the best recourse you have when trying to encourage someone to do something they are not completely onboard with.

Leading by example has been proven to be effective in many instances, from helping someone break a bad habit, to encouraging someone to step up in a job setting.

When we can put ourselves in the position of doing something we’d like to see someone else do, we not only give them a quantitative example by which to follow, but we also are able to have more sympathy for their situation, and therefore know the challenge that they are facing.

When it comes to losing weight, it is imperative that you set the example for your boyfriend, if you want him to lose weight. Being at a healthy weight yourself, or showing that you are actively working toward it sends the message that, “I practice what I preach.” It also lets your boyfriend know that you aren’t just finding fault in him to be a nag. You are wanting both of you to live your best lives and take care of yourselves for years to come.

There are lots of ways you can lead by example when losing weight. Making healthy food choices, finding time to exercise, actively engaging in conversation about whey weight loss can be hard, but worth it – these are all ways you can show your boyfriend you aren’t just “talking the talk” and are willing to make sacrifices in your own life to have the best life you can…and you want him to join you on that journey.

2. Be Open About Your Own Struggles

As I said before, talking to someone about their need to lose weight can be tricky business – it’s hard to take advice from others, especially about things that are as personal as weight loss.

Even when our family or friends mean well, having someone point out what you are doing wrong, or how you should be doing it differently can not only be intimidating, but if we feel judged, it may make it even harder for us to talk about what it is we are struggling with.

Another good tactic to try would be to open up to your boyfriend about something you have struggled with. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about weight.

Maybe you’ve not always been the best at budgeting your money. Or, maybe you have had some challenges around addictive behavior and have had to work hard to overcome those. Perhaps you struggle with being organized and it’s a real issue for you when it comes to getting tasks accomplished.

Opening up and being vulnerable about your own shortcomings may be exactly what your boyfriend needs to be able and willing to talk about his weight and his struggle with losing it. When he sees you being comfortable sharing, maybe he will be too.

An added bonus, would be to share an area of your life where you have struggled, but you know that he has had great success. Not only will this allow you to show him that you feel safe sharing with him your issues, but perhaps it will empower him if you let him help you with yours.

3. Make Healthy Food Choices for Both of You

The old adage, “we are what we eat” never rings more true than when we are trying to lose weight. Making good food choices is a key factor to dropping pounds and most nutritionists believe that what you put into your body is even more important than how you are moving it.

This suggestion will apply even more to those of you who currently live with your boyfriend, or you spend a lot of time together at home.

Fill your fridge and pantry with foods that are irresistible, but healthy. If you know he’s a big fan of pineapple, have it fresh and cut up, so that it’s impossible for him to turn away from it.

If he loves burgers and French fries, try swapping in a turkey burger and sweet potato fries for your next dinner together.

Giving him lots of healthy options to choose from will help keep his hunger and impulsive snacking at bay. It will also show him that food that is good for you can also be yummy.

Additionally, try to rid your environment of as much empty calorie food as possible. Try eliminating chips, cookies and snacky foods from the cupboard. Get rid of sodas, high fat cheeses and last night’s greasy leftovers from the fridge.

By adding in healthy options while also removing the ones that aren’t going to help with weight loss, you can help your boyfriend reach for foods that will keep him satisfied and full, while also helping the pounds begin to drop. And – his eating habits may start to change and he will hopefully find his taste for the processed stuff has diminished.

4. Engage in Activities That Get You Both Moving

Finally, just like with food choices, finding activities that both you and your boyfriend enjoy doing that are also going to get you physically active is a great way to help him lose weight (maybe without him even realizing it!)

One of the perks of a relationship is having a built-in partner to do things with. Even better, is when you both want to go and explore new things you haven’t tried before.

There are so many things you can come up with to try out together, but before you hit him up with a long list of new activities, think for a minute. Are these activities things he’s going to enjoy? Are they things that – because of his weight – he may be limited in being able to do? What are his natural interests that can be combined with calorie-burning exercises?

If your boyfriend is more of an indoorsy kind of person, think about starting off with a suggestion to try a new kickboxing gym. Or, if you think he’s more fond of the outdoors, suggest a long bike ride, or a game of pickleball. If you both are pet lovers, maybe you take your dog (or the neighbor’s) for a brisk walk around the park.

One of the biggest keys to finding an exercise that works, is finding one that a person will want to do consistently. And finding one that you can enjoy together will not only help him shed some pounds, but it will give you something to bond over as a couple as well.

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