My Apple iPhone Camera Won’t Focus! (Troubleshooting Guide)

It's frustrating owning an iPhone whose camera refuses to focus. Such errors take away the excellent quality of your iPhone camera.

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It's frustrating owning an iPhone whose camera refuses to focus. Such errors take away the excellent quality of your iPhone camera.

Usually, there is a good explanation for why your iPhone is misbehaving. For example, it could be a problem with the iPhone's software. However, there is also a possibility of a physical blockage that must be fixed. Here are the reasons why your iPhone camera won't focus.

iPhone cameras may refuse to focus because the lens has lost its position. It is also possible that iOS needs an urgent update. Note that the solution to the camera's inability to focus mainly depends on the cause, determining the potential fix.

Fortunately, this is not something you need to worry about. However, there are several practical steps that you ought to follow to restore the camera's focus. More often than not, your iPhone's camera will get back to normal when you work on it.

In the end, what matters is getting the camera back to focus. After all, one of the most outstanding features of iPhones is their cameras. So keep reading to uncover practical ways to restore the phone's camera.

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How to Fix iPhone Camera Focus Issues

The glory of the iPhone mainly lies in its powerful cameras. It doesn't matter what model of iPhone you have since the cameras in these phones are superb and exceptional in quality. However, camera focus issues can be alarming and even cause you to panic.

However, this should not be the case since they can easily be rectified. Therefore, make sure you investigate and uncover what the issue is first before attempting to fix it. Below are practical solutions you need to know about.

Before we get into the possible causes and fixes of the focus problem, follow the steps below for a quick fix.

  1. Tap the iPhone with a napkin or palm of your hands. It sometimes resolves the issues
  2. Remove any casing when taking photos
  3. Always press and hold the camera button whenever you take photos
  4. Always ensure the autofocus is locked
  5. Sometimes you need to force shut the camera app
  6. Consider rebooting or soft resetting the iPhone
  7. Always update the software whenever new updates are released
  8. Clear all settings and iPhone content

Can Removing the iPhone's Case Fix the Issue?

Sometimes your iPhone camera does not focus because the phone's case is blocking it. Remove it to confirm that it is not partially blocking the camera's lens or the flash every time you take a photo.

Additionally, the metallic, more so the case's magnetic components, could affect your iPhone's optical stability.

Can Cleaning the Camera's Lens Help?

Your iPhone's picture quality will be compromised if your camera lens is dirty. Most people assume this because the dirt is inconspicuous. However, a small smudge or fingerprints are enough to affect the photo's quality.

Your iPhone's camera may not focus properly with such tiny specs. Fix this by using a microfiber cloth to clean the lens. Be gentle and use suitable material to avoid scratching the lens.

If cleaning the lens's exterior does not work or helps with the photo's clarity, the dirt could be inside the lens. Do not attempt cleaning this on your own. Instead, take the iPhone to an Apple store or an authorized dealer near you and have it cleaned professionally to improve the quality of the photos you take.

Should You Set the Focus Point?

Your iPhone's photo quality may be affected by the lack of focus. When you open the camera app, tap the object you want to capture before taking the photo. This instructs your iPhone to focus on a specific object without distractions.

Can the AE/ AF Affect the Camera's Focus When Left On?

When the auto exposure (AE) and the autofocus (AF) are on, then the camera's ability to focus is compromised. So always ensure these two are off to enhance the iPhone's camera focus on the targeted object. But how do you utilize this feature?

You need first to frame the image and then press while holding the part for the shot that the camera should focus on. Yoru camera will keep the object in focus regardless of what enters the shoot later.

Does Practicing Good Photography Improve Focus?

Your iPhone camera is superior to most other phone cameras. However, it also requires skills to capture images perfectly. How crisp and focused images turn out depends on how one uses the iPhone camera.

Work on your photo-taking skills to ensure you are not too close to the subject. Besides that, you should also avoid moving around when taking photos. Finally, don't shake to change the distance from the image, making it difficult for the iPhone camera to focus.

What About Updating iOS?

When everything fails to fix the iPhone camera focus, the issues may arise from software problems. A slight software glitch is enough to interfere with the normal functioning of the iPhone.

Therefore, always consider updating the iOS to the latest version since this can quickly fix the problems you are currently struggling with.

Force Close and Restart the Camera App or iPhone

It is not difficult to fix some of the problems you are experiencing. Your iPhone camera app needs to be closed and restarted. Doing this fixes software problems and bugs.

Besides force closing the app, you can also shut down the phone. Restarting the iPhone quickly resolves most related issues and helps fix all camera lens problems.

Will Factory Resetting Clear the Problem?

Sometimes all you need is to restore the iPhone to camera settings. This should be something you consider as a last resort when every other option available fails to fix the camera focus ordeal. Factory resetting takes your iPhone back to its original status.

All the phone's data and settings will be restored to their initial status when new. It is essential to back up all vital personal information since a factory reset clears everything. Fortunately, the factory reset will fix the focus issue almost immediately.

Reach Out to Apple Support System

Sometimes nothing you do to help fix an issue with your iPhone works. It may be due to a manufacturer's error, and no amount of repair or expertise can fix such an error. There is a high likelihood that the device had a problem from the word go.

In such a case, only the manufacturer understands what the issues could be. Therefore, it is always advisable to take the phone back to Apple and have them fix or replace it. Ensure the iPhone is under the manufacturer's warranty if you don't pay extra fees for repairs.

Fortunately, iPhones come with a one-year warranty within which you can have the phone fixed whenever it develops issues. In addition, you can prolong this warranty duration by getting an AppleCare+ cover.

Will You Always Find a Solution for Poor iPhone Camera Focus?

There are several methods to try whenever you face this issue. Always attempt a few before taking the phone back. The solution may lie in one of the many suggestions given above.

Try all the options first before panicking. You will be surprised the solution is relatively straightforward.

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