Hard Reset RCA Cambio W101 V2 Password (How To Setup)

You might want to reset the device if you don't have an RCA Cambio's password. But can you even do this without the password?

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You might want to reset the device if you don't have an RCA Cambio's password. But can you even do this without the password?

Almost every method of resetting RCA Cambio either requires a password or doesn't work on the W101 version. And trying to guess the password is even more frustrating.

You can hard reset the RCA Cambio W101 V2 password by holding down the shift key and tapping the restart button that pops up when you tap the power icon at the bottom right of the login screen. This opens a recovery window, where you must tap 'Troubleshoot' followed by 'Reset This PC.'

In this article, you will discover more about the exact steps you need to take to reset the RCA windows device without a password and what the process entails. You will also learn the specifics that will allow you to keep your files while you hard reset the password.

The exact process has been tried on multiple RCA Cambio devices that run the windows system and follows the exact process outlined by Microsoft. As long as your RCA Cambio runs Windows 10 operating system (Which W101 V2 does), you will reset your password and device easily.

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Why RCA Cambio W101 V2 Password Reset Doesn’t Work

If you have tried the common "volume and restart button" reset for your Cambio tab and it has not worked, you might wonder if something is wrong with your device. The general RCA tablet resets are android device resets. Since the Cambio W101 V2 is a Windows tablet, resetting without a password follows a different method.

Steps to Hard Reset RCA Cambio W101 V2 Password

Removing the RCA Cambio W101 password will not delete all your files if you choose the 'keep my files' option. Before you follow these instructions, you should know that any files on the device can be lost even with an accidental click. Here are the steps for resetting everything, including the password on your RCA Cambio Windows device.

Step 1 - Boot the device - This method does not work if the RCA Cambio has active tasks. Therefore, you must turn the tab off and then boot it to the login screen.

Step 2 - Discover the restart button - The restart button is on the bottom right, next to the accessibility options button alongside the wifi/network button. It has a power sign.

Step 3 - Hold the shift button and tap the restart button - When you hold shift, tap the power sign, and then click restart from the menu that pops up; you will open the Windows 10 recovery menu.

Step 4 - Choose "Troubleshoot" on the recovery menu - The recovery menu features options to exit the screen or reset windows with a USB. You need to click the bottom-left option that says "troubleshoot."

Step 5 - Click Reset this PC - This is pretty straightforward, as you simply need to click one of two options. Ignore advanced options and click "Reset this PC."

Step 6 - Tap 'keep files' to hard reset without removing your files - You will find two options. One reads "keep my files," and the other says, "remove everything." You can click "remove everything" if you plan to resell the laptop or can opt for "keep my files" if you've forgotten your own password.

Step 7 - Follow on-screen instructions - Once the device reboots, the welcome screen and set-up process can vary. But as long as you follow the instructions on the set-up wizard, you can reset your device completely.

What To Do if the RCA Keyboard Doesn’t Work?

The RCA Cambio W101 V2 is a 2-in-1 device. It is a tab that doubles as a laptop when you attach its keyboard to the tab's receptor. But if you're resetting your password because you bought the item second-hand and it doesn't include a keyboard, you might be confused as to how you can hold down the shift key.

You can tap the accessibility options button (next to the power icon on the login screen, then tap "on-screen keyboard." After that, the steps are exactly the same. You need to tap the shift key, then tap the restart button from the bottom right.

Can Hard Resetting RCA Cambio Wipe My Data Completely?

If you reset your Cambio device because you plan to resell it, you might erroneously assume that your data is gone. Even after you click 'delete everything' and remove all files and settings from your RCA 2-in-1 tablet, data can be recovered from it using data recovery software.

In other words, malicious users may be able to recover files wiped by the reset and view them. If there are any personal photos or confidential documents on the tablet, you shouldn't just hard reset the tablet and sell it away. You must make sure that the data is completely wiped.

How to wipe everything from RCA Cambio W101 V2?

Whether you want a second-hand RCA tablet to be free of old baggage or are selling your own RCA tablet as a second-hand device, you would be wise to wipe it and make old files irrecoverable. Here are the exact steps.

Step 1 - Download DiskGenius - You can do this from the software's official website.

Step 2 - Install the program - Once you double-click the installed package, it opens up the installation wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.

Step 3 - Launch DiskGenius - This is pretty straightforward. The icon for the program will be on your desktop.

Step 4 - Navigate to the disk you want to clear - The left side of the DiskGenius window features an explorer. For most RCA tabs, the disk worth clearing is the C drive, but you can repeat this process with every disk.

Step 5 - Click Tools - This is located at the top bar, next to 'file,' 'disk,' and partition.

Step 6 - Click Erase Free Space - The Tools option opens up a large drop-down menu. Towards the end of this menu is an option that reads "Erase Free Space." When you click and confirm this choice, the fragments of deleted files on your disk are erased.

RCA Cambio W101 V2 Setup Best Practices

When you reset the password of your W101 tablet using the method covered in this post, the next reboot automatically reinstalls windows. Here are the best practices for setting up your Cambio W101 after removing its settings:

Delete Files if the Tablet Storage Is Almost Full

While it is better to keep the files during a hard reset, you cannot reinstall windows if there are too many files on your RCA tablet. Just because your tablet has your files doesn't mean it has room to reinstall windows while keeping your files. Additional files are unpacked in the process and removed with updates, so the space required to run windows is not the same as the space needed to reinstall windows.

Delete Files To Remove Trackers

A second-hand RCA tablet can come with spyware. To make sure the tab is safe to use, you must remove all files when setting up. This also applies to potential viruses. If the RCA tablet has viruses, hard resetting while keeping your files might retain the virus. It is best to remove files in that case.

Keep a Password Even if You Are the Sole User

The password protects your data from getting stolen when your tablet is not used. Downloading a remote-wipe program might be even more prudent in case your tab gets stolen and someone uses this exact method to reset the password while keeping the files.

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