How To Get Apple AirPods Out Of A Plastic Case

While a valuable addition to our lives, AirPods are fragile and can get lost easily. However, the challenge remains how to get AirPods out of a plastic case?

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While a valuable addition to our lives, AirPods are fragile and can get lost easily. However, the challenge remains how to get AirPods out of a plastic case?

AirPods are also extremely fragile, so you'll want to ensure you aren't too rough when removing the pods from their plastic case.

The best way of removing AirPods from their plastic case and not damaging them in the process is to place the lighting charging cable in the charging slot before holding the plastic part of the cable and pushing them up gently while holding the case from its sides at the same time.

There are many reasons why one would be concerned about how to remove their spanking new AirPods from their plastic case, one of which is because they are so darn expensive. However, with the correct technique, as you will learn in this article, even you will be able to remove your Apple AirPods from their plastic case in no time, and hopefully, in one piece.

As proud owners of all of Apple's products, including the easy-to-misplace AirPods, we can help guide you through the process of how to get AirPods out of a case without damaging them.

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How to Get Apple AirPods Out of a Plastic Case?

The wireless Bluetooth earphones known as Apple AirPods are made especially to sync with your iPhone and iPad. You can associate AirPods with an Apple TV, but since they are Bluetooth audio devices, you can also use them with practically any other computer or smartphone. While Apple supplies a basic set of wired earphones with every iOS device, AirPods have several benefits that may make the switch to them worthwhile.

Since the debut of the original iPhone in 2007, Apple has always sent a straightforward set of wired earphones with every device. You've undoubtedly used an iPad or an iPhone if you've ever had one. A Y-connection connects both earbuds to your phone's audio port.

Apple removed the conventional headphone jack starting with the iPhone 7, and wired earphones instead use a Lightning port connector. All wired earbuds contain a built-in media controller that lets you play, stop, skip tracks, and change the volume.

The AirPods are unique. They are entirely wireless gadgets that are not interconnected by any cables. Instead, each earpiece has its Bluetooth radio that you may use to link with your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Not only does this eliminate the need for tangled wires, but if you have an iPhone 7 or later, you can use AirPods and charge your phone simultaneously via the Lightning connector.

The AirPods (2nd generation) are an excellent option for iPhone owners who only want to listen to music or a few podcasts because the connection never fails, and the overall battery life is great. These earbuds won't provide excellent sound, but that is not the goal.

The Apple AirPods are among the best wireless earbud sets available because they mix convenience and cutting-edge software features. The AirPods are a tremendous delight for those fortunate enough to be able to use Apple's audio devices, even though the buds might not truly fit in your ears. When it comes to design and construction quality, Apple is the king, and the AirPods are no exception.

The charging case feels excellent despite being made of plastic. It is strong and lightweight enough to be thrown into your pocket. This is advantageous since you'll want to carry the case about at all times, even if you only use it to store the earbuds when they're not in use. The AirPods from 2019 have the exact same design and construction.

A single Lightning connector is located on the charging case's bottom, while a button on the rear activates Bluetooth pairing mode. The magnets that keep the lid closed, however, are what distinguish the case design. Magnets are embedded within the casing to keep the earphones in place.

The little LED light on the front of the case for charging and pairing is the only significant visual distinction between the new AirPods (2nd generation) and the original AirPods. Before, you had to open the case and flick open the lid to see it because it was on the inside. The case is a must to use the Apple AirPods. It's just too simple to lose the earphones if you don't have them with you.

A lot of AirPod customers complained that their headphones would not regularly pop out of the hard case because they got stuck to it. If this also applies to you, we advise you to attempt the below-listed troubleshooting techniques.

You must push the area at the bottom of the case where the charger is inserted to remove the AirPods Case. We advise using a small item to force your AirPods out of the case if the case is stuck (though not a too small object, we do not want it to cause any damage to the charging input). One tip is to pull your AirPods out using your charger. Additionally, it's crucial to remember that you should never utilize anything that could end up damaging the AirPods.

Try Using an Object

We advise using the charging wire to force it out of the hard case, but if it doesn't work, try another method. Then attempt to flip it over with your hand or another item so that it may exit the Hard Case. However, please remember that using anything other than the charging cable might harm the charging port, so please exercise additional caution during the procedure.

Warming the Case

Users have indicated that slightly warming the Airpod can assist in several forums and groups. Put only in the sun's direct rays. Warming up the case can cause it to expand to the point where it can slide out of the casing. However, please take care to avoid melting your hard case.

We advise avoiding heating it up since it might harm batteries and tiny solder joints. Since the cohesive force of hard plastic is not very strong, gently press on the lightning plug (like if you were attempting to plug it in, but with a little more effort). Simply said, all you have to do is push, utilizing the cable area from the bottom. There are several instances that use their cases to publicize this.

If you must use a hacksaw the next time, don't make a complete cut. On both sides, cut roughly halfway. Then insert anything, like a screwdriver, into the new "slot" and twist. The AirPods case won't be harmed when the third-party case breaks.

For your AirPods, we tried to make the case as safe as possible. This indicates a somewhat snug fit, which is wonderful! It can make taking the Modern Leather Case off a little challenging. Your best bet is the two-step procedure: Plug the Lightning cable into the case, and now pull the leather case down off of the AirPods while at the same time also pushing the Lightning cable through.

Stickers or other materials on your AirPods case shouldn't be used with the Modern Leather Case for AirPods since they might make it stick.

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