How Do I Renovate My Backyard On A Budget?

Not everyone has the money to renovate their backyard, which leaves people asking, "How do I renovate my backyard on a budget?" Here are some tips to help out.

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Not everyone has the money to renovate their backyard, which leaves people asking, "How do I renovate my backyard on a budget?" Here are some tips to help out.

If you're looking to renovate your backyard on a budget, some things you can do are add an extra deck, renovate your shed, use lighting to create the right ambiance, maintain your lawn, and set up a fence. You don't have to do all these things, but just a few will give your backyard a new look.

The tips mentioned above will ensure that your garden looks brand spanking new, even if you don't have the budget to carry out large-scale renovations.

From small DIY projects to more large-scale renovations (like the ones mentioned in this article), we’ve done it all - all the while staying within a modest budget. So who better to tell you all about renovating your backyard on a budget? Here’s what you need to know.

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Add an Extra Deck

Why not begin with a patio or deck if you're not sure where to start with your backyard renovation? Sometimes, enlarging your backyard outdoor patio by building onto an existing concrete surface can make a big difference. Plus, it's not a very expensive task! You can work with the “make the most of what you have” approach. Just lay pavers on top of an existing patio or deck and tint the concrete in the same shade as the pavers. You don't have to start from scratch and rip everything out.

If you don't already have a patio, you can build one. Consider using decomposed granite, a finely crushed rock, to build a patio on a budget. Dig out some grass, grab some heavy bender board (landscape edging), bring in the crushed granite, compress it down, and then add another layer. It provides a lovely landscape and costs less than $1 per square foot once compacted properly.

This addition will instantly improve the look of your yard and increase the market value of your house. You can also build a wooden deck that you can decorate with attractive chairs or lay down a cement patio as an alternative.

Add a Garden Path

A meandering route or a garden path through the backyard gives an otherwise untidy area a polished appearance. Instead of pavers, we recommend quarter-inch crushed rock, which comes in a number of hues. Drive stakes into the ground to change the shape, then wrap bender boards (often used for lawn edging) around them. Place four to five inches of crushed rock on the ground and compact it using a plate compactor rented from a garden or home supply store.

Renovating the Shed

Sheds are frequently underutilized. Rather than using it to store rusted garden tools and old bicycles, turn it into a useful place. For instance, you can use the extra space in the shed to create an art studio, a study area, a playroom, or even an extra room for overnight guests. There are thousands of models available, many of which are meant to seem like miniature houses with porches. Even if you have a small shed, you can still use it to make something useful.

If you don't want to add electrical wiring to the shed or bother about temperature control, purchase a shed with a window to allow natural light to penetrate. If you already have a shed, you can add an extra window to it, which will be the only real expense.

If you have a few hundred dollars to spare, you can invest in adding electrical wiring and sealing the shed so that it can be used in hot or cold weather. Insulation costs $0.64 to $1.19 per square foot, so a 100-square-foot shed would cost roughly $120. And the cost of hiring an electrician is between $50 and $100 per hour.

Make Full Use of Vibrant Colors

All it takes to make a backyard stand out is a splash of color. Coating planters to give your yard a more modern feel, or giving wood, metal, or plastic chairs a fresh coat of paint, are just a few examples of this. Instead of buying new paints, reuse leftover paint from prior projects to save even more money on this budget backyard landscaping project.

In addition, fresh flowers or foliage positioned on the deck or patio, near an entryway, or tucked into a planting bed, can also provide a splash of color.

Giving your deck a new coat of colorful paint is another simple and inexpensive way to add beautiful tones to your backyard.

Add a Lovely Pergola for a Touch of Shade

Using wood beams and lattice placed on precast, classical-style columns, construct a vine-covered pergola in your backyard to provide shade to a stoned patio or a wooden deck. The roof lattice work provides dappled sunlight, creating a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere, ideal for reading or just lazing around.

Watch the Grass

Patchy grass, muddy ruts, and lumpy, root-filled sections on your lawn aren't going to help the look of your backyard. Consider adding some fresh grass for instant impact if you're trying to rehabilitate a small portion of the lawn. You don't have to plant fresh grass throughout the garden if you have a huge backyard. You can add flower beds or plant grass vertically to utilize your space more efficiently.

You can also add extra flowers to make your backyard stand out. Flowers are inexpensive and a great way to add a splash of color. You may cultivate your beloved annual blooms, shrubs, and perennials by allocating a section of your yard for a little garden—or a large one, depending on how passionate you are and, of course, your budget. For a long-lasting, sustainable array, use native plants rather than invasive ones.

Creating a Walkway

During the summer, you may devote a significant amount of time and/or money to keeping your garden and lawn in good shape. If you really want to make your yard stand out, you can consider adding concrete stepping stones or outlining a walkway with flowers and shrubs. A low-cost option is to build a stone pathway, which brings together different sections of the backyard space, leads the way to the porch, and provides visual appeal.

The natural-looking Borealis stepping stone is a flexible slab for creating paths in unpaved regions. This is the perfect alternative if you have a wooden structure and don't want the stones to look too tacky.

Placing Lights and Lanterns

Budget backyard landscaping includes inexpensive outdoor string lights. Invest in outdoor lighting if you want to create an uplifting ambiance in your backyard at a minimal cost. Using string lights to emphasize your favorite features in your yard or patio may make all the difference. You may also add a warm feel to your home by placing a few lamps on your stone pathway or front door stairs. Adding illumination not only improves safety but also enables you to enjoy your backyard area at night.

Any patio can be transformed into a relaxing summer hangout with a soothing, ambient glow. A strand of white twinkle lights costs roughly $6. You can also go with a strand of clear globe lights for a more modern aesthetic, which costs around $9. Globe light strands are typically more robust than twinkling lights, and the bulbs are easily replicable, although being slightly more expensive. Once you've found some low-cost bulbs, consider some of these low-cost landscape lighting ideas:

  • Wrap cords around outdoor pillars
  • Run lights from your house to the trees
  • Create Texas lamp posts
  • Rope lights along the edge of your flowerbeds
  • Wrap your trees in lights

Purchase or Construct a Seating Area

Make sure you don't forget to build a seating area. Once you finish your backyard remodeling project, you will probably want to take a moment to sit somewhere, relax, and enjoy what you've created. But there's no need to rush to the furniture store to grab a comfy sofa or chair; you can simply find old furniture online or create your own inexpensive outdoor seating at home.

Having enough seating in the backyard is essential if you're looking to build a comfortable and efficient outdoor environment, whether it's for a family gathering or a birthday celebration.

When arranging a home for sale, a great backyard will enhance your home's presentation. When it comes to patio furniture, wicker, cast aluminum, and teak are all excellent choices. Add a roaring fire pit to liven things up!

Here are some ideas for low-cost outdoor seating:

  • Look for used patio furniture on Craigslist or Letgo. Check the "Free Stuff" categories frequently, and be prepared to act swiftly if you see something you want.
  • Don't limit your search to outside furniture; with some waterproof sealer, typical inside chairs or bar stools can be transformed into patio-worthy sitting.
  • Can't seem to find something you like? Make a cinder block and lumber bench for yourself.
  • Attach a waterproof cushion to the top of a tree stump to create the ideal reading area.
  • Make a sturdy bench with storage for kids out of an old tire.
  • Fix waterproof cushions to milk crates for portable, easy-to-store seating.
  • If all else fails, strew a few old planks around a fire pit or patio for convenient seating.

Upscale Old Tires

Tires are big and difficult to dispose of since many waste haulers refuse to accept them. So why not make use of them in your own backyard?

Recycled tires are inexpensive and easy to come by. They can be picked up for a few bucks at a local recycling plant, but most individuals are glad to give away whatever old tires they have. Here are a few low-cost backyard landscaping ideas with tires:

  • For rustic, durable patio ottomans, cover with rope or an outdated pillow casing.
  • To make attractive planters, stack and stagger tires.
  • Fill one half with dirt and connect to a wall or fence to make a hanging planter.
  • Use a tire as the foundation for a man-made garden pond.
  • With a recycled tire climber, you can provide your children with a wonderful location to play.

Construct a Fire Pit in Your Backyard

Smores over a fire pit is a great way to bring the whole family together. But you don't need to hire a professional to install one; in just a few minutes, you can have your own outdoor bonfire station, thanks to a quick trip to the home improvement store. If you have any extra rocks or pebbles lying around in your yard, making a fire pit with them is a terrific way to get rid of them.

Here are a few low-cost options for making your own DIY fire pit:

  • Concrete retaining wall blocks cost around $1.25 each, for a total of $50.
  • Caps for cinder blocks cost roughly $1.50 each, for a total of $40.
  • $56 total for a concrete fire bowl (about $3 for each bag of concrete).
  • If you use natural stones from your own woods, a dirt floor fire ring is free of cost!

Set Up a Fence

Nothing is more unattractive than a lovely home with a sagging fence. Your home's fence functions as a safety feature. Improving the fencing around your home can give the impression that it is more robust and stable. If you're going to do it yourself, fast-drying concrete is a good option. A fence keeps unwanted wild animals off your property and acts as an obstacle for intruders and trespassers as well. Fences are not just designed to keep people and animals out but also add an aesthetic appeal to the yard.

Exterior upgrades enhance the look of your property and can offer recreational benefits. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money or effort to improve your backyard. Any improvement done to your home can instantly increase its resale value, give your property a more refreshing look, and allow you to maximize the use of your yard space.

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