How To Get Back Blocked Messages On iPhone (Step-By-Step Guide)

There are numerous reasons why one may block messages from annoying senders. But a time may come when you may want to recheck the messages.

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There are numerous reasons why one may block messages from annoying senders. But a time may come when you may want to recheck the messages.

Curiosity may get the best of you and lead you to desire to retrieve the messages you once blocked. But where do these messages go? More importantly, how possible is it to recover them? So, learn how to retrieve blocked messages on your iPhone.

It is impossible to get back blocked messages on an iPhone. If you impulsively block a number on your phone, retrieving messages sent from a  blocked number is impossible. The best you can do is unblock the number and start receiving new messages.

Note that no storage folder keeps the blocked messages on your iPhone. The same thing also happens on Android devices. You may not see the messages sent when the number remains blocked.

The only thing possible is retrieving deleted messages before you block the number. You can achieve this through the help of a third-party player, often retrieving software. Keep reading to learn more about this subject.

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How Possible is it To Retrieve Blocked Messages?

You should know that once you block a number, the messages likely to be sent to you after will also stay blocked. Doing this is that you will not receive messages sent during this period. It won't happen even when you unblock the number eventually.

The best you can get is new messages once you unblock the number. The sender can now send the messages from this point, and you will receive them. If you are not getting messages from a particular number, you should consider checking if you accidentally blocked their number without knowing it.

How Do You Block a Number on iPhone?

People have varied reasons for blocking others. It is p[ossible that someone is becoming a nuisance every time they keep texting you. Whatever your reasons are, it helps to understand how to block numbers on iPhones.

  1. First, open the settings on your phone
  2. Tap messages, facetime, or phone
  3. Scroll down and tap on block, followed by Add New Button
  4. Proceed to select the contact you want to be blocked and complete by tapping done

How Do I Unblock Someone?

Whether the blocking was accidental or intentional, you may want to unblock the number at some point. When this happens, proceed as follows:

  1. Start on setting and then tap on the iPhone
  2. Scroll down and get to blocked contacts
  3. Once here, choose the number you want to unblock from the blocked ones
  4. Tap on Edit and click on the minus sign to unblock the blocked number

Do You Get Messages if You Unblock People?

Yes, you will get messages immediately after you unblock someone you have blocked before. The most important thing is to be sure that you unblocked the numbers.

If someone keeps complaining that you are not getting their messages, it may be time to check.

How to Check if You Accidentally Blocked Someone?

It is possible to block someone without even knowing that you have. If the complaints are too many, you may want to confirm that you have not blocked someone accidentally. To do so, go to your iPhone's settings, click on the phone, call blocking, and identification.

You may have to hear it from your contact first. It is not always easy to know if you have blocked someone unless you did it deliberately.

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted Text on iPhone?

Since it is impossible to recover blocked messages, retrieving deleted messages is your best shot at any recovery. You may have deleted past messages before blocking the number out of anger. If that is the case, then you can retrieve the deleted messages.

It would be best if you had a third-party software recovery tool to do this. There are several professional tools you could use to achieve this goal. Find out which one works best for you and install it.

These tools will help you recover the deleted history, contacts, messages, photos, notes, WhatsApp, videos, and any other details you may want. You can, therefore, pick up the conversations from where you stopped. This also allows you to track the messages and know why you blocked the number in the first place.

One third-party software you need to recover deleted iPhone messages is the Gihosoft iPhone Recovery Software. You need to download and install it. Once done, proceed as follows to retrieve the deleted messages.

  1. Launch the free recovery software and install it on your iPhone
  2. After installing, go to messages and click next. It also applies to any other type of data you want to recover besides messages.
  3. Next, you must connect the iPhone to your computer via a USB cable and wait for the program to be detected. This happens automatically.
  4. Once it has been recognized, click next to proceed with scanning the deleted content.
  5. Once the scanning is complete, all the deleted messages will be displayed. Note that the recoverable files will be displayed according to their types.
  6. Proceed to preview the message details and pull out the ones you want to be recovered. Mark the ones you want to retrieve and click recover from having them saved on your computer.
  7. The program will prompt you to open the exported folder where the recovered files are saved once the recovery process is complete.
  8. Search and open the file named "index.html" if you want to view the data conveniently

You are free to print it if this is what works better for you.

Microsoft software is free and also works to retrieve messages from iTunes and iCloud. Try it whenever you need to recover messages you may have deleted. It can be a lifesaver if the information you want is crucial.

Should you Give Up on Retrieving Blocked Messages on your iPhone?

It is reasonable to quit trying because you can never retrieve blocked messages. There is no existing software to help you achieve this goal. At least not yet.

While things may change in the future, the current situation does not permit blocked messages to be retrieved. After all, an iPhone does not save these messages too. As long as you blocked a number for a certain period, there is no telling what messages may have been sent.

If you are too curious, the best you can do is inquire if such may have happened. You can ask the sender to resend the messages once you unblock their number, especially if it was accidental.

However, you are lucky if all you did was delete some messages before blocking the number. All you have to do is get third-party software to help you. You could explore several programs on this to get the messages back.

Why Would you Need to Recover Blocked Messages?

Unless you blocked someone deliberately, it could be frustrating to do so without your knowledge. Sometimes a tiny mistake can lead to blocking several numbers unknowingly. This may mean missing out on important information in your circle.

Fortunately, you can easily retrieve the deleted messages before you block the number. Find the right software and follow the prompts. Sadly, you have to make do with the fact that you can't retrieve the messages sent when the number was blocked.

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