Safest Place For Seniors To Live

Finding a safe place for seniors to live can be challenging. Our expert advice will help you make the best decision for your family. Learn more here.

Key Takeaways

  • Safety is a top priority for seniors when choosing a place to live.
  • Access to healthcare facilities and amenities are important features to consider.
  • A variety of housing options are available to meet different needs and preferences.
  • Researching and consulting with experts can help seniors make informed decisions.

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Finding a safe place for seniors to live can be challenging. Our expert advice will help you make the best decision for your family. Learn more here.

The safest places for seniors to live are Rochester, Naples, Scottsdale, Ann Arbor, Boulder, Iowa City, Greenville, and Asheville. These places provide a secure and comfortable living environment, many housing options, and good healthcare facilities, making them great choices for seniors.

I understand the importance of finding the safest places for seniors to live. That's why I’ve conducted extensive research, consulted with experts, looked at various places' rankings, and visited various places to gather first-hand information on this topic. As such, I'm excited to share my insights with you to help you make an informed decision.

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Safest Place for Seniors to Live

Searching for the safest place for seniors to live is an important task for many seniors approaching retirement age. One must consider factors such as low crime rates, easy access to healthcare, affordable living costs, and a strong community setting.

The ideal location should combine these qualities with an enjoyable, engaging environment full of the outdoors. Several cities, such as Tampa Bay Area, Florida, and Bella Vista, Dakota, have gained recognition for their senior-friendly amenities and commitment to safety.

With that in mind, it's clear that some destinations are more appealing than others for retirees seeking a secure and fulfilling life.

Researching and evaluating median home prices and access to essential services will help seniors make this critical decision that will significantly impact their golden years.

Factors to Consider for Seniors' Safety

Several features should be considered when searching for the safest place for seniors to live. Factors such as the importance of healthcare access, crime rates, climate, cost of living, and community support.

Health Care Access

Quality healthcare is of paramount importance for seniors, as they often require more frequent medical visits and support. For example, in cities like Tampa Bay, having an easy visit to quality medical facilities ensures that senior residents can receive proper care without having to travel long distances.

Likewise, Medicare and Social Security benefits also play a significant role in deciding where to settle for the golden years.

Crime Rates

A low crime rate is crucial in determining the safest city for seniors. A place like Green Bay is an example of a city with low crime rates that can allow seniors to feel safe and secure while enjoying their retirement.

South Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Florida also have some of the safest locations for seniors to consider. The World Report notes that crime rates should be given careful consideration when evaluating other cities for seniors to call home.


The climate can significantly impact a senior's health and overall quality of life. For instance, seniors can enjoy the outdoors in the sunny Tampa Bay area year-round.

On the other hand, extreme temperatures in places like Chicago, Illinois, might be detrimental to some seniors' health. In general, mild climates with temperate weather are ideal for seniors exploring the best places to retire.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is another vital factor to consider, as seniors often have a fixed income from retirement funds, social security, or other sources. Median home prices and taxes can determine the affordability of a city.

For example, Bella Vista, located in Arkansas, is known for its affordable living costs and ample amenities for retirees. Seniors should pay close attention to the cost of living features when deciding on a retirement destination.

Community Support

A strong community is essential for seniors, as it contributes to a fulfilling and highly social lifestyle. Choosing a place with ample amenities and activities geared towards seniors is important, such as social clubs, recreational centers, and senior-friendly entertainment options.

Lancaster, located in Pennsylvania, and numerous cities within Florida are prime examples of locations with strong communities and access to support networks for seniors.

By considering these features and evaluating personal preferences, seniors can find the perfect location for a secure and enjoyable retirement.

Top Safest Places for Seniors to Live

As a senior citizen, you might be searching for the safest place to live, where you can enjoy your retirement in peace and tranquility. Here's a list of some of the safest locations with low crime rates, great amenities, and affordable living costs.

1. Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester, Minnesota
Rochester, Minnesota

Health Care Access

Rochester, Minnesota, is a fantastic choice when searching for the safest place for seniors to live in the United States. Home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, Rochester offers its residents exceptional access to top-quality healthcare services.

With a strong focus on senior citizens and their needs, this city provides excellent medical care for those in their retirement.

Crime Rate

Safety is always a concern when deciding where to settle down, especially during your golden years. Fortunately, Rochester has a low crime rate compared to other places, making it one of the safest cities for senior living.

For example, the chance of becoming a victim of crime in the western part of the city is as low as 1 in 65, making residents feel safer and more secure.


Rochester's climate offers residents a true taste of all four seasons. You'll experience warm summers, beautiful falls with changing leaves, cold winters with plenty of snow for the outdoors, and pleasant springs filled with blooming flowers.

This typically Midwestern weather allows seniors in Rochester to enjoy various outdoor activities throughout the year.

Cost of Living and Taxes

Minnesota is known for having a relatively high cost of living, but Rochester offers more affordable living options than some big cities like Chicago. The home price in Rochester is quite reasonable for seniors.

Moreover, the state does not tax Social Security benefits, so retirees can stretch their money further in this city.

Cost of Living Category Rochester National Average
Overall 101.9 100
Housing 109.2 100
Utilities 91.3 100
Transportation 94.9 100
Grocery 97.1 100

(Numbers above 100 indicate higher than the national average)

Community Support

Rochester is an ideal location for seniors who value community, with a wealth of amenities and support systems in place. The city has several senior centers and organizations that cater specifically to the needs of retirees.

For example, there are

  • Senior centers offering various activities and programs
  • Libraries with dedicated senior hours
  • Fitness centers with senior-focused classes

Furthermore, Rochester's sizable senior population fosters friendships and social connections among retirees, leading to an engaging and fulfilling experience for them in this great city.

Rochester, Minnesota, stands out as a top choice for seniors seeking a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment with access to world-class healthcare, a low crime rate, a favorable climate, and a reasonable cost of living.

2. Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida
Naples, Florida

Health Care Access

Naples is an exceptional choice when seeking the safest place for seniors to live, with a strong focus on health care access. Featuring top-notch medical facilities like the NCH Healthcare System and Physicians Regional Medical Center, residents of Naples can always count on receiving quality healthcare services.

Crime Rate

Naples boasts an impressive safety record, with a low crime rate that ranks it among the safest cities in the country. The city has a violent and property crime index of 9.6 out of 10, making it an ideal destination for seniors looking for a secure and serene environment during their retirement years.


Situated on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Naples enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures and a high number of sunny days. This allows seniors to engage in various outdoors, such as golfing, nature walks, and beach trips. Its beautiful, sandy beaches make it a popular destination for retirees and families alike.

Cost of Living and Taxes

While Naples has a slightly higher cost of living than other cities, its allure for retirees comes from Florida's favorable tax structure for seniors. There's no state income tax, and Social Security benefits are not taxed either.

Additionally, Florida offers property tax breaks for seniors, making the overall financial impact on retirement savings more manageable.

The average median home price in Naples is higher than the national average, but its charm and amenities often outweigh the difference for those seeking an exceptional retirement destination.

Community Support

Naples has a vibrant, welcoming community that values the contributions and experiences of its senior residents. The city hosts a variety of senior centers and community programs tailored to the specific needs and interests of those of retirement age.

From art classes to fitness options and social events, Naples always has something happening for its older population to enjoy.

By living in Naples, you can enjoy the best of what Florida has to offer while reaping the benefits of residing in a safe, supportive, and engaging community.

3. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona
Scottsdale, Arizona

Health Care Access

Scottsdale is an excellent location for seniors, as it boasts excellent healthcare access. Top-rated hospitals and medical facilities are nearby, ensuring that seniors can receive quality care when needed.

Crime Rate

Safety is a priority for seniors, and Scottsdale's relatively low crime rate makes it one of the safest places for seniors to live. The northwest part of the city is considered the safest, with the lowest crime rates compared to other places within the region. Residents in the northwest enjoy a 1 in 28 chance of being a victim of crime.


Scottsdale's climate is another inviting factor for retirees, who often prefer warm and sunny weather. The city's comfortable temperatures provide the perfect environment for those at retirement to engage outdoors and maintain an active lifestyle.

Cost of Living and Taxes

The cost of living in Scottsdale is higher than the U.S. average. However, it's essential to consider the quality of life the city offers.

Median Home Price

When it comes to housing, the home price in the Scottsdale area is relatively high, but the city offers various housing options to accommodate different budgets.

Tax Rates

Arizona provides significantly favorable tax rates for seniors, with social security income being exempt from state income tax. This helps retirees keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets.

Community Support

Scottsdale's strong community support is another reason it's an ideal place for seniors. Many senior living communities, like Pueblo Norte Senior Living, offer resort-style amenities, stress-free lifestyles, and engaging social activities.

  • On-site dining
  • Fitness center
  • Swimming pool
  • Library
  • Social events
  • Group fitness classes
  • Art and crafts

In addition to senior living communities, residents have access to essential amenities like quality healthcare and transportation services. Scottsdale's vibrant surroundings and active lifestyle options make it an unbeatable choice for retirees searching for the best place to enjoy their golden years.

4. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Health Care Access

Ann Arbor, Michigan, is an exceptional choice for seniors seeking a safe and comfortable place to live. The city boasts excellent health care access with premier facilities and medical professionals available. The presence of the renowned University of Michigan Health System is a huge benefit.

Crime Rate

Safety is paramount, especially for those at retirement age. Ann Arbor's crime rates are relatively low compared to other cities in the country. The southwest part of the city is considered the safest area, with a 1 in 76 chance of being a victim of crime.


The climate in Ann Arbor is a blend of four distinct seasons, offering a range of outdoors year-round. Summers are warm and enjoyable, perfect for strolling through the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair.

Winters can be cold and snowy, but the picturesque snowfall can provide a serene environment for snowshoeing or enjoying a warm beverage indoors.

Cost of Living and Taxes

When compared to cities like Chicago, Illinois, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the cost of living in Ann Arbor is reasonable. The home price is affordable for seniors on a fixed budget, and Michigan's taxes are generally favorable for retirees.

Location Median Home Price State Tax Rate
Ann Arbor, MI $369,500 4.25%
Chicago, IL $248,200 4.95%
Lancaster, PA $225,400 3.07%

Community Support

Ann Arbor offers a friendly and supportive community for seniors. It has a variety of senior-friendly amenities, ensuring that retirees have access to resources dedicated to their needs.

  • Social Security: Ann Arbor understands the importance of social security for its senior residents.
  • Employment Opportunities: Although seniors may be at retirement, opportunities for part-time work exist to stay active and engaged in the workforce.
  • Outdoor Activities: Ann Arbor is home to numerous parks and recreation centers, perfect for activities such as walking or gardening.

Ann Arbor has a lot to offer senior citizens who are searching for a safe and friendly place to call home. With its excellent healthcare access, relatively low crime rate, pleasant climate, and strong support system, this Michigan city is deserving of consideration as one of the best and safest locations for seniors to live in the United States.

5. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

Health Care Access

Boulder, Colorado, is a fantastic option for seniors looking for a safe, vibrant place to live in their golden years. The city boasts excellent health care access, with nationally renowned hospitals and medical centers.

For example, Boulder Community Health offers comprehensive care, including primary care, mental health services, and rehabilitation programs.

Crime Rate

Safety is a top priority for seniors, and Boulder excels in this area. Though it has a slightly higher crime rate than other similar-sized metro areas, most neighborhoods enjoy a low crime rate. The northwest part of the city is considered the safest, with a chance of being a crime victim as low as 1 in 39.


Located near the Rocky Mountains, Boulder benefits from a mild climate that seniors can appreciate. The city experiences four distinct seasons, with a relatively mild winter, ensuring retirees can enjoy the outdoors, including hiking and biking trails or visits to ski resorts, all year round.

Cost of Living and Taxes

As with any city, it's essential to consider the cost of living and taxes when choosing the safest place for seniors to live. Boulder's cost of living is higher than the national average, and the median home price is around $997,100.

However, Colorado's taxes for retirees are generally favorable, with Social Security benefits not taxed and pension income partially taxed. The sales tax rate is relatively low, and property taxes are average in comparison to other states.

Here is a brief overview of Boulder's taxes:

Tax Type Rate
Sales Tax 8.3%
Property Tax 0.57%
Income Tax 4.63%

Community Support

Boulder's strong sense of community and plethora of activities make it a desirable place for seniors to call home. There are various senior centers, such as West Age Well Center, which provide activities, clubs, and resources to maintain an active social life.

Outdoors for seniors include:

  • Hiking and biking trails
  • Local parks and open spaces
  • Fishing and birdwatching spots
  • Golf courses and recreational facilities

Boulder offers the perfect blend of safety, climate, cost of living, and community support for seniors in their retirement age. With access to top-quality healthcare, a wide range of activities, and a friendly atmosphere, it's no wonder that Boulder has become an increasingly popular destination for retirees seeking the best place to settle down.

6. Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

Health Care Access

Iowa City is a great option for seniors looking to settle down in a place that offers easy access to healthcare. In fact, the city is home to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, which is ranked among the best hospitals in the country.

This teaching hospital provides a wide range of services, including primary care and specialized treatment options for various conditions. This level of healthcare access is essential for seniors, ensuring that they have the resources and support needed to maintain good health as they age.

Crime Rate

One of the factors that make Iowa City a suitable choice for seniors is its relatively low crime rate. Iowa City ranks as the sixth-safest place of the dozen cities where at least 30,000 people live. Its violent crime rating of 2.16. Safety is paramount for seniors, and Iowa City provides security.


The climate in Iowa City is characterized by four distinct seasons, providing a diverse range of weather for residents to enjoy. Winters can be cold and snowy, but the city's commitment to snow removal makes outdoor walking more accessible for seniors.

Summers are warm and sunny, providing ample opportunities for seniors to enjoy parks and outdoor events. Moreover, the beautiful fall colors and mild spring weather make Iowa City a picturesque location to call home.

Cost of Living and Taxes

Iowa City offers a relatively affordable cost of living for seniors. The home price in the area is lower than the national average, making homeownership more accessible for individuals on a fixed income. Additionally, the state of Iowa does not tax social security income, which benefits retirees. You can live here without breaking the bank.

Category Iowa City National Average
Median Home Price $203,300 $231,200
Median Rent $906 $1,192

Community Support

Iowa City offers various programs and amenities dedicated to supporting seniors. The Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center is an excellent example, providing a range of classes, activities, and events designed to engage senior residents and promote lifelong learning.

The center also offers resources, social events, and outreach programs, ultimately fostering a strong sense of community among seniors living in the city.

7. Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina
Greenville, South Carolina

Health Care Access

Greenville, South Carolina, is a popular location for senior citizens in search of a safe and friendly environment for their retirement-age lifestyle. The city offers excellent healthcare access through institutions like Prisma Health, ensuring quality care for seniors and their families.

Crime Rate

One of the main reasons Greenville is considered one of the safest places for seniors to live is its relatively low crime rate. Some of the safest neighborhoods in Greenville include Dellwood, Bob Jones University, Carilion, and Furman University.


Greenville's climate is another alluring feature, featuring mild winters and pleasant summers. This makes it an ideal location for a variety of outdoors, allowing seniors to stay active and engaged in their community, keeping them entertained and healthy.

Cost of Living and Taxes

When considering the best cities for a budget-friendly retirement, Greenville is a strong candidate. The home price in this Carolina town is significantly lower than in other places, such as Chicago or Tampa Bay. The affordability found in Greenville allows retirees to feel more financially secure during their golden years.

Carolina has relatively low-income taxes and property taxes, which makes it an attractive option for retirees looking to save even more money. Furthermore, social security income is not taxed in the state, easing the financial burden on seniors.

Community Support

One of the core aspects that makes Greenville a favorite among seniors is the community support that can be found all around. The town is home to numerous senior centers, providing a valuable resource for retirees to socialize, engage in activities, and enjoy their retirement.

In addition to senior centers, there are various amenities like parks and entertainment venues available for retirees to enjoy. The town boasts a low cost of living, allowing seniors to take advantage of all these features while staying.

8. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, located in North Carolina, has become one of the safest places for seniors to live in the United States. This city boasts a low crime rate while also offering various amenities, including healthcare access, a comfortable climate, and an affordable cost of living.

Health Care Access

Asheville's healthcare facilities are top-notch, with a high-quality system that caters to the needs of seniors. With several hospitals and clinics in the area, residents have easy access to medical services, making it an attractive destination for those looking to retire in a location with excellent healthcare options.

Crime Rate

Safety is a crucial factor when considering the ideal places to retire, and Asheville excels in this area. With a low crime rate compared to other cities, both seniors and their families can feel confident about living in this city.


Asheville has a pleasant climate that is particularly appealing for seniors. The mild temperatures and moderate humidity make the outdoors enjoyable all year round. The region also experiences four distinct seasons, with vibrant fall foliage and mild winters, ensuring there's always something new to appreciate in the city's beautiful landscape.

Cost of Living and Taxes

The cost of living in Asheville is relatively affordable for seniors, particularly when considering the home price and overall living expenses. Additionally, North Carolina has favorable taxes for retirees, making it easier for them to maintain their budgets and enjoy all the amenities of the city without breaking the bank.

Median Home Price
  • $277,600 – national average
  • $305,000 – Asheville
Median Income
  • $63,700 – national average
  • $52,922 – Asheville

Community Support

Asheville is home to an engaging community that supports seniors in various ways, including social groups, volunteer opportunities, and retirement communities.

Seniors can participate in gatherings, join clubs, or volunteer for events like the annual Asheville Wine & Food Festival. This strong community support system fosters friendships and ensures that you can maintain an active and fulfilling social life if you retire.

Benefits of Living in Retirement Communities

Living in a retirement community can be a fantastic option for seniors hoping to find the safest place for seniors to live in the USA. Resisting in such communities has several benefits, including safety, social connections, and access to various amenities.


This is a top priority in retirement communities, particularly regarding low crime rates. Places like Bella Vista, Arkansas, are known for their safety, making them ideal for seniors who value security in their living environment. In fact, the safest cities tend to have several retirement communities and boast a median home price that is affordable for seniors.

Social Connection

Social connections are also a key motivator for choosing retirement communities. Many seniors find that living among their peers encourages camaraderie and friendship. Making new friends and staying socially active can significantly improve the quality of life for seniors during their retirement years.

Access to Social Amenities

Some of the best places to retire, like Tampa Bay in Florida, offers a wide range of amenities specifically geared toward seniors. These amenities may include community centers, healthcare facilities, recreational activities, and more. Access to good healthcare and the outdoors are particularly essential features for seniors when searching for their ideal location to retire.

Financial Advantages

In addition to safety and social benefits, retirement communities can provide residents with financial advantages. For example, living in Dakota—one of the best cities to retire—allows seniors to enjoy a lower cost of living compared to other places. This means that seniors can stretch their Social Security and retirement funds further while still maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

Here are a few examples of cities in the US known for being excellent places for seniors to live:

City State Median Home Price Income Crime Rate
Bella Vista Arkansas $169,000 $49,101 54.56 (low)
Green Bay Wisconsin $151,000 $46,352 30.33 (low)
Lancaster Pennsylvania $120,000 $34,571 68.81 (medium)
Sioux Falls Dakota $189,800 $57,144 37.77 (low)

Resources to Help Seniors Find Safe Places to Live

When looking for the safest place for seniors to live in the USA, there are numerous resources available to make that search easier. The AARP Foundation offers strategies for addressing the senior housing crisis and making communities welcoming for people of all ages.

Additionally, Habitat for Humanity's Aging in Place program provides innovative solutions for decent housing and improved health outcomes for older Americans.

For seniors approaching retirement, considering factors such as low crime rates, affordable living costs, and access to amenities, healthcare, and the outdoors becomes crucial. Here are places where these resources apply.

Fortunately, there are a variety of resources available to help seniors find the best housing options to meet their unique needs and preferences.

Online Housing Resources

The internet is a great place to start when searching for safe and suitable housing options. AARP,, and are just a few examples of online resources that provide listings of senior-friendly communities, apartment complexes, and retirement homes in various locations.

These websites also offer reviews and ratings from other seniors who have lived or are currently living in the communities listed, giving you an inside look into what it's like to live there.

Government Programs and Agencies

Government agencies like the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offer resources for seniors looking for affordable and safe housing options. HUD's Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly program provides funding to nonprofit organizations to build and manage affordable housing for seniors.

Other government programs like the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) can help seniors afford utilities and reduce energy costs.

Senior Living Advisors

Senior living advisors can provide valuable insight and guidance on the different types of senior living options available, such as independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

They can also help seniors and their families find safe and suitable housing options based on their unique needs and preferences. These advisors often have access to a network of senior living communities and resources that are not available to the general public.

Local Senior Centers and Nonprofits

Local senior centers and nonprofits can be a great resource for seniors looking for safe housing options. These organizations often offer programs and services for seniors and may have connections to affordable housing options in the area. They can also provide valuable information on resources like transportation services, home care, and meal delivery programs.

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