Snowboard Goggles Vs Dirt Bike Goggles

When riding snowboards or bikes, you need the proper goggles. This is why you should understand the snowboard goggles vs dirt bike goggles debate.

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‍When riding snowboards or bikes, you need the proper goggles. This is why you should understand the snowboard goggles vs dirt bike goggles debate.

If you choose the wrong type of goggles, it could result in decreased performance, safety, and injury. Each of these goggle types has special features to improve your snowboarding or dirt bike riding while remaining safe.

Snowboard goggles are made with dual lenses compared to a single lens on dirt bike goggles. The snowboard goggles also have excellent UV ray protection and ventilation for cold weather conditions. You should avoid using dirt bike goggles when snowboarding too because they lack visibility.

These two sports require some special gear that includes specialized snowboard or dirt bike goggles. Snowboard goggles are designed to be used in cold weather conditions while dirt bike goggles are designed for dirt terrains. In this guide, you will learn more about the differences between snowboard goggles and dirt bike goggles and why choosing the right pair is so critical.

If you have ever gone snowboarding with a pair of dirt bike goggles or vice versa, you would understand how different they truly are. The best way to maximize your performance and safety on a board or a bike is by using the designated goggles that are equipped with the right features to help you.

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‍Snowboard Goggles Vs Dirt Bike Goggles

Snowboard goggles are a popular choice for snowboarders and skiers because they protect against harsh weather conditions. Dirt bike goggles, on the other hand, are designed for those who want to protect themselves from dust and debris while riding their dirt bikes.

Both of these goggle types are highly reliable and they can be used for different conditions, but ultimately we do not recommend mixing them up. They have unique features to make them the best choice for their sporting event.

The best snowboard goggles protect the eyes from snow and dirt, while dirt bike goggles are designed to protect the eyes from dust, sand, and other small particles in the air. Between the lens design, protection capabilities, and fit you will notice many key differences between the two.

Snowboard goggles are typically used during snowboarding and dirt bike goggles during motocross. Snowboard goggles come with a variety of features that make them more comfortable and easier to use than dirt bike goggles.

Snowboard Goggles

Snowboard goggles are made to protect the eyes from the harsh elements of snowboarding. They have excellent ventilation and impact resistance, which makes them a good choice for those who enjoy snowboarding in cold weather.

These goggles have a clear lens that is made of plastic or glass. They typically have a wide frame that is made of plastic or metal and they feature an adjustable strap.

They are made for the cold, dry, and snowy conditions that snowboarders face on the slopes. They are also designed to protect your eyes from snow, wind, and other particles. The goggles have a tinted lens with a dark frame to help you see in different light conditions.

Snowboard goggles are a must-have for the winter season because they provide excellent ventilation and protection from UV rays. They have also been designed to work well in cold weather, which makes them perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.

Dirt Bike Goggles

Dirt bike goggles have a single lens design. They work well in all types of weather with impact resistance. They are usually made of plastic and have a tinted lens that gives them a more stylish look.

These goggles are designed to protect the eyes from wind, dust, and debris while riding at high speeds on dirt bikes. They are also designed to protect your eyes from dust and debris in the air.

The lenses have a tinted lens with a clear frame so you can see in different light conditions and an anti-fog coating to prevent them from getting foggy or blurry when they get wet. They also protect you from flying debris and objects that may come into contact with your eyes during riding.

Dirt bike goggles come in different styles and colors to suit your needs. Some even have a tinted lens for better visibility when riding at night.

Differences Between Snowboard Goggles & Dirt Bike Goggles

It is necessary to know about the key differences between snowboard goggles and dirt bike goggles. The main difference between these two types of goggles is their intended purpose and design.

Snowboard goggles are meant to protect the eyes from harsh weather conditions while dirt bike goggles protect from debris that may fly up during outdoor activities like motocross racing or trail riding.

There are five key features on these goggles that differ significantly. These are discussed below to help you find the best goggles for your own needs.

Lens Design

The lens design is one of the major differences between these two types of goggles. It impacts the type of vision, protection, and comfort you can get and the type of conditions they are capable of working best in.

Snowboard goggles have a dual-lens design to eliminate moisture from building up on the lenses. This means you will not struggle with visibility or fogging in the wet conditions that are typical for a snowboarder.

Dirt bike goggles use only one lens because they tend to be used most in dry conditions so the dual-lens is not necessary. It also helps because in hot conditions you will be more comfortable with only a single lens design.

UV Ray Protection

Snowboard goggles have UV ray protection to help with the sun shining on the white snow. Dirt bike goggles don't have this, so they are not recommended for use in the snow in sunny conditions.

With snowboard goggles, you get a design meant to protect the eyes from sun rays, which can cause damage if they shine on the white snow while riding a snowboard or dirt bike. It allows you to be much more accurate on your board too.

Dirt bike goggles don't have this feature because dirt bikes don't typically ride in snowy areas as snowboards do, so there would be no need for UV protection when riding them.


This is another major difference between these two types of goggles. The snowboard variation goggles will provide much better ventilation because of the cold temperatures. This is meant to manage the way heat hits your face.

Dirt bike goggles have a different ventilation system by putting a focus on eliminating dust and dirt from impairing your vision. This means they will fit a bit tighter on your face, eliminating the free flow of air.

Lens Tint

Both of these goggles have a unique tint and contrast that is best suited for specific terrains and weather conditions. The tint you see in a snowboard goggle will be much different than that in a dirt bike goggle, so using the right pair is important to give you the best visibility while riding.

The lenses are also scratch-resistant and the frames are shatterproof. Both lenses are extremely durable, but the difference in tint is something to monitor to help you get the most when out on your board or bike for the day.

The tint on snowboard goggles is the visual light transmission ability. This determines what type of light they can withstand.


The fit of each of these goggles is highly specific to your helmet type. They also align differently on your head depending on the sport you are participating in. You want to feel as comfortable as possible when snowboarding or dirt biking too.

For example, to properly wear the snowboard goggles you want to put them inside the helmet while positioning them on the outside. This would be very uncomfortable to do with a pair of dirt bike goggles.

Can You Use Dirt Bike Goggles For Snowboarding?

Snowboarding requires goggles to keep the snow from getting into your eyes and blocking your vision. However, not all goggles are created equal. Some are designed for snowboarders and some for dirt bikers.

You should not use dirt bike goggles for snowboarding. The goggles are not designed for snowboarding and they will not provide the same level of UV protection that you need.

This may not seem important, but when the sun is shining with snow on the ground it reflects and can impact your vision. Dirt bike goggles do not have the proper lens types of UV protection to work well in these conditions.

Many people who have tried out the dirt bike goggles have found them to be very useful when it comes to snowboarding. But overall, they will not work as well if it is a sunny day with lots of UV rays.

Another issue is the fit and ventilation they provide. Snowboard goggles have a unique design to keep your face warm without allowing fogging that could impact your vision during use.

Dirt bike goggles do not have this same feature, creating another problem that could occur if you decided to use them for snowboarding.

Which Goggles Have Better Durability?

Snowboard goggles are typically made of a softer material that is not as durable as dirt bike goggles. This is because snowboarders are less likely to be faced with rocks, dirt, and debris during riding.

Dirt bike goggles have a tougher outer shell and a soft, shock-absorbing interior. This makes them much more durable than snowboard goggles and allows for much better impact protection to stop damages and injury.

However, the difference between the two is not very significant. Snowboard goggles still offer excellent impact resistance because it is very common to fall off your snowboard and hit your head.

The design is meant to keep this in mind and offer enough protection for snowboarders with a flexible design. The lenses are very strong too on both goggle types, making it difficult for them to break.

If you are trying to find a more durable choice, we would give a slight edge to dirt bike goggles but the edge is not significant enough to impact your purchasing decision.

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