How To Turn Off Ring Notifications

Ring notifications can be annoying at times, and this might make you want to disable them. Here’s how to turn off Ring notifications.

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Ring notifications can be annoying at times, and this might make you want to disable them. Here’s how to turn off Ring notifications.

Ring notifications are helpful, as they notify us when an important package arrives or if there is something that needs to be done. However, the way they function can get a little problematic at times. Sometimes, they are triggered by something as trivial as your cat passing by. This can be frustrating if all you want to do is relax.

To solve this issue, you can use the snooze feature. It allows you to create some motion zones, which you can schedule as you want. You can also control these notifications from your phone’s settings. You can also disable the sound so that it doesn’t disturb you when you’re trying to nap.

These notifications are usually needed when you are away from home. You will be notified of who came and went and the potential problems that need immediate action. However, no one wants too many notifications on their phone when all they have to do is to run to the door and grab a parcel. The sad part about Ring is that despite making some amazing products, their notification system doesn’t offer enough flexibility.

As people who have owned Ring devices, we can confirm that the notifications get to be too much at times. Here, we’ll tell you what you can do to make these notifications a bit more bearable.

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Turning Off Ring Notifications When You’re Home

Managing Ring notifications is all about fighting a battle against a mobile application that doesn’t offer too much user-friendliness. It is sad, but Ring’s competitors offer better options when it comes to handling these notifications. However, before you ditch Ring products completely, check out some of the workarounds mentioned below.

Disable the Sound

The easiest way to minimize the annoyance caused by Ring notifications is by muting the sound. The sound can be extremely annoying when you are trying to watch a movie or play a game with a bunch of friends at home.

Sure, you will have to check and clear the notifications afterward, but you won’t have to switch to your phone every time it rings. As a result, Ring notifications will become more manageable. You can access the Ring app and turn off the doorbell sound or the motion sound.

It is easy to toggle these sounds on and off when you don’t want them to bug you. Here is what you need to do.

  • Access the Ring application.
  • Select the camera or the doorbell that you want to mute.
  • Tap the “settings” icon.
  • Next up, select “device settings.”
  • Then, access the “notifications settings.” A menu will open on the screen.
  • Then, find and select “app notification tones.”
  • From there, it is up to you whether you wish to select “Ring notifications” or motion notifications.”

How you disable the sound also depends on the phone you are using. For example, if you are using an Android phone, you can simply select “silent,” and it will mute all the sounds that bother you. You also have the option to block such notifications completely. While this is helpful, it is better to opt for a tailored approach.

Opt for Motion Schedules

In the previous paragraph, we discussed a tailored approach. This is where you can find it. The best way to deal with Ring notifications is to check the motion schedules that have been set for every camera.

Next, you can create schedules that are suitable for when you are home. The main motive here is to have the motion sensors send you notifications whenever you’re outside your home.

You can also be very specific if you want to. Let’s suppose you want notifications only from the camera watching your front door, the door that guards valuables, or your garage door. You have the option to keep this schedule more generous while keeping others strict.

Here is how you can set a motion schedule.

  • Access the Ring app on your phone.
  • Next up, select “devices.”
  • Now locate the device of your choice.
  • Then, select the motion settings.
  • Then, you have to select the motion schedule. It is worth noting that this is sometimes found under the “advanced settings.”
  • Here, you can make a new rule that will turn off notifications in your schedule.
  • Name the new rule and save it.
  • This process must be repeated for all the cameras and doorbells you’re trying to silence.

By doing so, you will prevent unnecessary notifications that disturb you while you’re home. Remember, there will still be some notifications, but you won’t be notified for each and every little thing. You can also delete the set rules and replace them with new ones.

Draw Motion Zones

It sounds weird, but this is one of the most underutilized features on a Ring application. By making custom motion zones, you give yourself extended control over the notifications. It allows you to take out a majority of the false positives and makes the most out of your Ring cameras in the process.

These motion zones tell your Ring Camera to avoid some areas of the visual field. Let’s suppose you live on a busy street that receives a heavy amount of traffic. You can command your Ring app to ignore those areas and focus more on your living space.

As a result, your phone won’t ring when someone drives by or honks a horn outside your house. Here is what you need to do.

  • Open your Ring application.
  • Select a particular device.
  • First of all, find your camera.
  • Next, select your motion settings.
  • Then, edit motion zones.
  • To adjust it, press the motion zone.
  • It is better to draw at least three motion zones.

It is worth noting that the zones you will draw will be the ones viewed by your camera. Each camera can have up to three motion zones. Some common areas to include in your motions zones include the walkway that comes all the way to your door, the porch, the driveway, and the yard.

Don’t add unnecessary areas like the road or your neighbor’s property; it will only lead to unnecessary notifications.

Hit Snooze

Ring also has a built-in snooze button, just like any other good alarm system. You can use this snooze button if you are constantly running in and out of the house. This will help you focus on something more important rather than constantly looking at your phone.

The downside is that the snooze function works only for a small amount of time, depending upon the duration you set. You can’t make any other amendments. If you must block your ring notifications, you should consider disabling the notifications completely. Here is how you can use the snooze option.

  • Open your Ring application.
  • Select a specific device.
  • Then, select a motion snooze.
  • Next up, select your duration.

You can also access the snooze option when you receive a notification. You can swipe down on a specific notification. By doing so, you will access the snooze option.

Ring notifications are great for knowing what’s happening around us, but sometimes, the last thing we want is a distraction, and Ring notifications are quite distracting. If you want to deal with them in an intelligent manner, make sure to follow the techniques we have mentioned in the paragraphs above. While these notifications aren’t flexible, these workarounds will help you manage them better.

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