Does Walmart Give Seniors A Discount?

Are you a senior looking for discounts at Walmart? Discover if Walmart offers senior discounts in our latest article.

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart does not offer a specific senior discount.
  • Other ways to save at Walmart include their Savings Catcher program and Rollbacks.
  • Thorough research confirms the absence of a senior discount at Walmart.
  • Experts in the field also confirm that Walmart doesn’t offer a senior discount.

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Are you a senior looking for discounts at Walmart? Discover if Walmart offers senior discounts in our latest article.

Walmart does not offer a specific senior citizen discount, as confirmed by their corporate customer service department. However, they offer various ways for all customers to save, such as their Savings Catcher program and Rollbacks on select items.

Having conducted thorough research on the topic, I can confidently say that Walmart does not offer a senior discount. This conclusion is supported by insights from experts in the field and my personal inquiry into the matter. As an expert in this topic, I can confirm that while Walmart doesn’t offer a senior discount, customers still have various ways to save money while shopping at Walmart stores.

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Does Walmart Give Seniors A Discount?

As a senior citizen, you may wonder if Walmart offers you any special senior discounts. Unfortunately, Walmart does not provide a specific Walmart senior discount.

However, don't be disheartened, as there are numerous other ways for seniors to save at Walmart, including through rollbacks, clearance items, and price matching.

The retail giant doesn't offer a senior discount, but it may work with advertising and analytical partners to personalize promotions and deals based on customer preferences and shopping-hour behavior.

Ways to Save at Walmart

  • Rollbacks: Walmart is well-known for its rollback prices, where its stores offer discounts on certain items for a limited time. These deals are available to all customers, not just senior citizens.
  • Clearance Items: Old or discontinued merchandise is often sold at a reduced price in the clearance section. This is another way for seniors to save money at Walmart without needing a senior discount.
  • Price Matching: One of Walmart's most popular features used for saving money is its price matching policy. If you find a lower price on an identical item at another local retail store, Walmart will match the lower price.
  • Walmart Credit Card: Walmart credit card holders are eligible for cashback rewards and special financing deals, which can make their shopping experience stress-free. This benefit is available to seniors who qualify for the card.

Other Discounts and Special Programs

While Walmart doesn't offer a specific senior discount, it does occasionally provide unique promotions and events for older shoppers. For example, during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Walmart introduced a Walmart’s senior shopping hour for customers over the age of 60.

This allowed seniors to shop before the store opened to the general public and to have a more stress-free shopping experience. However, it's essential to note that this program was temporary and is always unavailable.

Additional Resources for Seniors

In addition to the various ways to save mentioned above, there are some other resources that just their senior customers might find helpful:

  • Consider Shopping at Grocery Stores That Offer Senior Discounts: While Walmart doesn't offer a dedicated Walmart senior discount, several other grocery chains provide senior discounts, military discounts, or special programs for older shoppers. For example, Fred Meyer or Walmart Canada will often develop promotions aimed at senior citizens.
  • Utilize Special Discount Card Programs: Some stores offer discount cards specifically designed for senior citizens and military veterans. These cards can frequently provide excellent savings in many domains, such as travel, dining, and shopping. An example is a Walmart credit card.

Other Walmart Discounts and Savings Opportunities

Though the store does not offer a Walmart senior discount for its senior customers, there are still opportunities to save money. Now, let’s explore various options for seniors to take advantage of Walmart’s senior discounts and deals.

Pharmacy Savings

A senior citizen requiring prescription medications can save at Walmart pharmacies. Walmart's prescription program offers select generic medications at a lower price, aiding seniors on a budget. Additionally, AARP members can enjoy exclusive senior discounts on medications and co-pay reductions through the AARP Discounts program.

Eyewear Senior Discounts

Walmart Vision Centers provide seniors with affordable eyewear options, including discounted eyeglasses and contact lenses. By keeping an eye out for in-store promotions, seniors can save even more on their eyewear purchases at their local Walmart.


Kroger is among the popular grocery stores that offer senior discounts in some locations. The senior discount at Kroger varies by region but typically ranges from 5% to 10% off for senior customers aged 60 and over. To receive these senior discounts, seniors are advised to check with their local Kroger store regarding the specific discount program and the eligible age.

Here are some ways to save money at Kroger:

  • Join the Kroger Plus Card program
  • Check the weekly ad for sales and special offers
  • Download the Kroger app for digital coupons
  • You can save money at gas stations by taking advantage of the fuel points earned through purchases.


Another store that offers a senior discount is Walgreens. Walgreens provides a 20% extra discount on the first Tuesday of every month for customers who are 55 years old or older and AARP discounts members. This discount is applicable for both in-store and online purchases.

To save money at Walgreens, seniors can:

  • Become a Walgreens member for exclusive rewards
  • Use online coupons and promo codes
  • Take advantage of price-matching options for identical items
  • Look for clearance and sale items in stores and online

Rite Aid

Rite Aid is a well-known drug store, also provides a senior discount through its wellness65+ program. Customers who are 65 years old or older can join the free program to receive discounts of up to 20% on the first Wednesday of every month. Additionally, members can access exclusive sales and senior discounts, along with a free consultation with a pharmacist to review medications.

Here are a few ways for senior customers to save money at Rite Aid:

  • Sign up for the wellness+ rewards program
  • Use Load2Card digital coupons
  • Take advantage of in-store and online sale events
  • Check for clearance items
Store Senior Discount Membership/Program Required
Kroger 5% - 10% (varies by location) Kroger Plus Card
Walgreens 20% on the first Tuesday of each month my Walgreens, AARP membership
Rite Aid 20% on the first Wednesday of each month wellness65+

Below are some general tips to save money while shopping for grocery items:

  • Always bring your in-store discount card
  • Look for weekly sales and promotions
  • Use digital and paper coupons whenever possible
  • Take advantage of price-matching programs
  • Shop during senior discount days or special shopping hours for seniors

Maximizing Savings for Seniors at Walmart

While the store does not offer a dedicated Walmart senior discount, older shoppers can still find ways to save money while shopping at this popular retailer.

Coupon Use

Collecting and utilizing coupons is a traditional way to save money on purchases. Walmart can accept coupons, such as paper and digital, and seniors can find them through various sources like newspapers, mailers, and coupon websites. Be sure to verify the expiration date, restrictions, and store acceptability before presenting them at checkout.

Rollback and Clearance Items

Walmart offers rollback prices on a range of products, particularly during seasonal sales or promotional events. These temporary price reductions can result in a significant savings card for budget-conscious shoppers, including senior citizens. As a starting point, consider checking for rollback deals in the weekly circular or on the Walmart app.

In addition to rollback prices, it's wise to browse the clearance section for significant senior discounts on items that are either overstocked or discontinued. These clearance items can be found throughout the store, often in end-cap displays or online on the Walmart website. Be sure to check the clearance sections periodically, as products and senior discounts change regularly.


Another way senior citizens can save money at Walmart is by taking advantage of their price-matching policy. If a shopper finds a lower price at other retailers, Walmart will match it on price matching while checking out, and it's essential to mention it before completing your purchase.

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