What Is Redbox Weight Loss?

In an effort to find an effective and enjoyable weight loss plan, you may have stumbled upon the Redbox Diet, and are wondering if it will work for you.

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In an effort to find an effective and enjoyable weight loss plan, you may have stumbled upon the Redbox Diet, and are wondering if it will work for you.

Every time we turn around, there seems to be a new fad diet making the rounds on social media, in Hollywood, and even in our own groups of friends. Trying to keep up with the latest findings as far as what will work best for maintainable weight loss can be overwhelming. And many of them are not inexpensive, meaning that they will be overwhelming to your wallet as well. And if they don’t work? You’ve lost out on time and money.

The Redbox Diet is a weight loss plan that claims to be medically supported, says it will help you lose up to two pounds per week, and relies on high doses of caffeine as an active ingredient that will aid you in your weight loss goals.

It is completely normal for all of us to want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Study after study have proven that excess weight leads to all sorts of problems for the human body. But knowing how to achieve a healthy weight while not causing harm to ourselves in other ways can be really difficult, especially when there is so much conflicting advice. Knowing more about the Redbox Diet may be one step to helping you make some decisions as to what type of weight loss journey you wish to embark on.

I’ve long been a fan of fitness, health, and weight loss stories, and anytime a new one comes out, I’m super curious to learn more about it. Let me clear up some facts and fiction about the Redbox Diet so you can decide if it’s right for you.

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What is Redbox Weight Loss?

First, let’s learn a bit about this weight loss program and find out how it came to be and why.

The Redbox Weight Loss plan's big claim is that it is medically managed and really created to help people who have significant weight to lose.

Therefore, this will probably not be a great plan for those who have anywhere from 5 to 25 pounds to lose, as Redbox truly is targeting those with a much larger amount of weight they want to drop.

It’s also for those who have been told that their excess weight is not just a physical problem but may be affecting how their body’s system is operating, particularly when it comes to high levels of blood sugars, which can lead to a host of complications, including diabetes.

Redbox says that they are distributed through licensed physician’s offices, therefore giving customers the sense that they are being medically managed. But let’s dive further and see if the claims Redbox is making are valid and legitimate.

1. The Redbox Diet is Medically Supported

One of the biggest perks that the Redbox Diet has going for it, is that it says it is medically supported and that it is distributed exclusively by licensed physicians.

This all sounds great. Many of us who have embarked on weight loss journeys like the idea of knowing the medical profession has put a gold stamp on whatever program it is we are trying for weight loss, especially if we are trying to lose significant weight and don’t want to compromise our health in the process.

But even though Redbox makes the claim that their products are being distributed exclusively by licensed physicians, there is a place on their website where you can order the program directly through the site.

You can also order the supplements and full program line directly from Amazon.

Perhaps a medical professional is the one receiving your order when you place it through their online site.

But – if you can order the product directly from Amazon, it concerns me that there is no licensed physician on the other end of that order.

Maybe Redbox doesn’t condone Amazon selling their products and they are being distributed by third-party consumers. Either way, just be aware that your Redbox order may not be passing through the hands of a licensed physician as they claim, and it is probably worth doing a bit more investigating if that aspect of their product is important to you.

2. The Redbox Diet Says It Will Help You Lose Up to 2 Pounds Per Week

Another big benefit that the Redbox Diet claims to provide is that it will help you lose up to 2 pounds per week while you are using it.

Being able to lose 2 pounds a week is impressive, but it can be done.

It has been long believed that a safe amount of weight to lose each week is between one and two pounds per week. This will vary for each person, depending on your current weight, gender, and any concerning health conditions, but it is fair to say that a one to two-pound weight loss is a realistic goal for most of us.

Though the Redbox Diet is geared toward individuals that have a relatively large amount of weight to lose, the fact that it doesn’t promote drastic weight loss is a strong indicator that the Redbox Diet may actually work for people who are willing to take their time in their weight loss journey.

Many people who turn to diet pills or weight loss supplements want quick results. They are hoping to find something that works faster and better than other forms of weight loss, many of which have failed them in the past.

Hoping for a pill that melts away fat quickly is a dream come true for anyone who knows the struggle of trying to lose weight.

The fact that the Redbox Diet does not claim to help you lose weight quickly is a perk to this supplement. By suggesting that the average person will lose around two pounds per week if they follow the plan, the designers of the Redbox Diet are encouraging healthy weight loss, the kind that users may be able to keep off more effectively than diet pills or supplements that are designed to make you drop weight significantly more quickly.

On the other hand, one potential downside to the Redbox Diet is that it may not be needed for those who can drop up to two pounds a week on their own, without using a diet supplement.

Many of us can lose up to two pounds a week by following some basic steps, such as reducing our calories, getting regular exercise, and eating foods that are high in protein and fiber for appetite control.

For those who can stick to a moderate exercise and diet plan, a weight loss plan like the Redbox Diet may not be necessary to help achieve their results.

3. The Redbox Diet Relies on High Doses of Caffeine to Aide in Your Weight Loss

Finally, another aspect of the Redbox Diet is that it contains a substantial amount of caffeine in its ingredients, something that may or may not work effectively for everyone.

Caffeine alone won’t necessarily make you lose weight. But – studies have shown that people who consume an average, or slightly above-average amount of caffeine have had more success with weight loss than those who don’t consume caffeine, or drink very little.

Caffeine has been proven to be effective in helping boost a person’s metabolism, and therefore help them burn fat.

It also boosts a person’s energy levels. It would make sense that a person with more energy is going to be more active. Whether this means you will be more motivated to exercise or just move your body more throughout the day, the energy boost that caffeine gives you will definitely help with weight loss.

Caffeine is also known to be a natural appetite suppressant and helps you feel full, for longer. You shouldn’t drink coffee, tea or soft drinks in replace of a nutritional meal, but a drink with caffeine in it may curb your desire to snack or eat excess calories when you think you’re hungry but really aren’t.

The fact that the Redbox Diet plan uses products with high caffeine levels could be a big selling point for those who want a supplement that gives them a healthy dose of caffeine to help with their weight loss. This may especially be beneficial for people who don’t like drinking caffeinated drinks on a regular basis.

But, as with anything, be sure to consume caffeine in moderate doses.

It is recommended that the average person not consume more than 400 mg of caffeine a day, which is equivalent to about four cups of regular ground coffee.

Because the Redbox Diet supplements are high in caffeine, they even recommend that you avoid caffeinated foods and beverages while using their products.

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