Who Makes The Best Garden Tools?

So, it's time to work on your landscape. Knowing who makes the best garden tools is key to success. You should deal with brands that sell high-quality products.

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So, it's time to work on your landscape. Knowing who makes the best garden tools is key to success. You should deal with brands that sell high-quality products.

Eleven of the best garden tool manufacturers are A.M. Leonard, Bond Manufacturing, CobraHead, Corona, Earthquake, Foxgloves, High Caliber Growing, Seeding Square, The Dramm Corporation, Yard Force and Centurion Brands. These brands all have good reviews, quality products and great customer service.

Let’s spend some time going over our list of the top 11 brands who make the best garden tools for hardscaping and softscaping. We’ll discuss their history, what makes them so special and how they made it on this list. I’ll also go over each one’s listed product categories.

The more I garden, the more I become familiar with various types of tools on the market. But knowing which companies make the best garden tools helps me understand the brands that deserve to receive my hard-earned cash. So, here’s a comprehensive list based on online reviews.

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Top 11 Brands Who Make the Best Garden Tools

I’ve been researching garden tool manufacturers all day trying to create a list of the best ones around. No one wants to purchase landscaping solutions that will break after just a few uses. And let’s face it, high-standard customer care matters just as much.

This is a list of companies known to make high-quality gardening products that they stand behind based on reviews.

1. A.M. Leonard

Named after its founder, Ashbel Merrel Leonard, this company has been selling gardening tools since 1885. A.M. Leonard, an industry leader within the horticultural solutions supply arena. They are known for their vast selection of more than 10,000 products for landscaping and gardening.

This brand prides itself on tackling business and taking care of customers in an old-fashioned style. They believe in growing, innovating and working hard to ensure that things are done right. Because they know their customers have the option of shopping elsewhere, they continuously offer nothing by high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

2. Bond Manufacturing

When it first launched over 70 years ago, Bond Manufacturing began selling imported bamboo products. Today, this is still a major focus for the company. However, they’ve also expanded into outdoor consumer products manufacturing and distribution over the years.

They practice cost-effective production methods, which allows them to offer valuable products with superior quality. The company stands by everything it sells while delivering positive results and garden tool solutions to consumers.

3. CobraHead LLC

Located in Cambridge, WI, CobraHead is a small, family-owned business operated by the couple, Noel and Judy Valdes. Together, they promote growing your own foods on a small scale. Their marketing tactics involve helping consumers understand more about food gardening.

They develop their own line of gardening tools for agricultural and horticultural development. Their products are known for their quality, versatility and usefulness.

4. Corona

Around since the 1920s, Corona launched its landscaping tool brand in California’s orange groves. The American brand sells performance tools of the highest quality that help make your gardening projects run smoother. For generations, the brand has manufactured tools for construction, irrigation and tree care pros, as well as landscapers, gardeners and agriculturists.

Although they primarily market their products to professionals, the reliability of their solutions has served as inspirations for consumers as well. Buying their products is like investing in your landscape because they deliver professional results consumers can rely on in the end to improve their outdoor spaces. They promise to deliver outstanding craftmanship and high-standard quality goods.

5. Earthquake

This garden tool manufacturer is an American company that caters to light commercial, rural and residential markets. Earthquake is dedicated to building outdoor power equipment with ultimate purposes, solid value and genuine innovation.

Launched in the late 1950s, the brand was started by three friends named Sam, Dick and Arnie. Operating with true Midwestern honesty and values, the owners use their metal fabrication skills to ensure that their products help you get the job done better, faster and easier.

6. Foxgloves

Everyone who landscapes or gardens needs work gloves. Foxgloves is an industry leader in this niche. They produce durable, comfortable, stylish performance gloves to help you be more efficient while working outdoors. Some of the varieties they offer include elbow-length, non-slip and sensitivity gardening gloves.

It was launched in 1999 by professional horticulturist and landscape architect, Harriet Zbikowski. She wanted to wear and provide gloves that protect the hands and fit well while helping with the sense of touch. All of the wearable garden tools manufacturer’s products are machine washable and made of synthetic material.

7. High Caliber Growing

Incorporated in 1984, High Caliber Growing is an Oklahoma City-based company with the highest quality standards. They are the innovators behind and makers of Big Bag Bed Smart Pots, which was launched in 1980 by a local tree farmer by the name of Ralph Reiger.

Originally market as Root Control Bags, these fabric containers simplify transplanting and harvesting trees while keeping the roots intact. Instead of circling around the bottoms, the roots essentially increase in size within the containers. Today, their customers also used these Smart Pots to grow aquatic plants as well as other types of plants and flowers.

8. Seeding Square

This garden tools manufacturer was launched by a couple that simply wanted to teach their kids how to grow their own vegetables. But they just couldn’t find the right gardening tools for teaching children on the market. So, they created their very own Seeding Square.

A seeding square is a spacing tool that’s color-coded to help make the process of sowing and planting easier. It helps consumers by reducing weeds, improving harvests, and, of course, optimizing growing space throughout the garden.

The key was creating a product that makes vegetable gardening fun and easy for the entire family. Today, their square seeding spacer is used by kids, seniors and growers in between. No growing experience is needed. It’s the perfect tool for gardening in areas with space restrictions.

9. The Dramm Corporation

In business since the 1940s, Dramm is an industry leader when it comes to professional watering tools and accessories. Their target markets are avid gardeners, greenhouse growers and nursery businesses. The manufacturer’s goal is to provide consumers with products that improve productivity while saving energy and time.

Located in Manitowoc, WI, the company was founded on the vision of John G. Dramm, a local inventor and florist. It all began with the invention of the Aluminum 400 Water Breaker®, which was built to last a lifetime. Today, the company boasts of a full line of 100% organic fertilizers, cutting tools, sprinklers and watering accessories.

10. Yard Force

Looking for a one-stop shop for gas, electric and battery-operated outdoor power equipment? Then, Yard Force is the way to go. They believe in simplifying yard work so you can chip it, trim it, cut and clean it with ease. The brand’s image is based on quality and high-tech innovation.

Its products are based on advanced designs and superior technology. So, they confidently back all of their products with warranties and provide support through their Kennesaw, GA customer care center. Their products are sold through regional and national retailers, such as Amazon, Costco, Overstock and Walmart.

11. Centurion Brands        

Dedicated to both beginner and avid gardeners, Centurion Brands offer affordable, high-quality outdoor living and garden products. This manufacturer is an industry leader and one of the fastest-growing garden tool businesses in the U.S. The company prides itself on developing products based on ergonomic research.

Its engineers design reliable garden tools to make outdoor tasks simpler and more efficient. These products are designed to last throughout the tests of time. They are great for landscapers, gardeners and homeowners looking for trouble-free ways to keep gardens and lawns looking clean and pristine.

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