How To Fix Wyze Lights Flashing Blue (Base Station Not Connecting)

Wyze lights are affordable and effective lightbulbs, but sometimes, the base station glitches out. Here’s how to fix Wyze lights flashing blue.

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Wyze lights are affordable and effective lightbulbs, but sometimes, the base station glitches out. Here’s how to fix Wyze lights flashing blue.

The LED indicators on a Wyze base station allude to the functionality of this device. Usually, the lights on a base station are bright blue. These lights tell whether or not the base station is connected to the network, enabling you to access the security device freely. However, if the light is flashing, it is a sign that there are connectivity issues with the base station.

To solve this problem, you must try changing the Ethernet cable. You can also try using a different port while checking port settings. Power cycling your base station is another possible solution to the problem. Moreover, you can try resetting the router or generating a support ticket.

The best thing about Wyze lightbulbs is the ease of use and the convenience they offer. These lightbulbs can be controlled using smartphones. You can order the Wyze lightbulb through your phone, which gives you the options of scheduling, device-triggered automation, and sleep routines. Furthermore, they can be made bright or dim through your phone and aren’t too expensive either.

As tech enthusiasts who owned Wyze lights, we’ve dealt with the dreaded flashing blue lights. Here, we have put together a list of ways to fix the blue flashing light on a Wyze base station.

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Ways to Fix a Wyze Base Station

Changing Ethernet Cables

If you're having trouble with your Wyze Lights flashing blue, one possible fix is to change your Ethernet cable. CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cable is recommended for Wyze Lights. If you are using an older CAT3 cable, it's possible that the cable is not able to handle the data transfer rate required by Wyze Lights.

By switching to a newer, higher-quality cable, you may be able to resolve the issue. In addition, make sure that the Ethernet cable is securely plugged into the Wyze Light and the router.

A loose connection can also cause problems. If changing the Ethernet cable doesn't fix the problem, there are a few other potential solutions you can try.

Trying a Different Port

Make sure that the Wyze Bulb is screwed in firmly and that the power switch is turned on. If the power switch is turned off, the Wyze Bulb will flash blue.

If the Wyze Bulb is still flashing blue, try screwing it into a different port. Sometimes, Wyze Bulbs can become loose in their ports, causing them to flash blue. If you try all these things and the Wyze Bulb still flashes blue, there are a few other tips you can try before having to resort to contacting customer support.

Checking Port Settings

If your Wyze lights are flashing blue even after making sure it’s secure in the right port, it could be due to an issue with the port settings. To fix this, you'll need to go into your Wyze app and check the port settings. First, check to make sure that the correct port is selected. Next, check the baud rate and make sure it matches the Wyze light's baud rate.

Finally, check the parity and make sure it's set to none. Once you've made these changes, your Wyze lights should stop flashing blue. If they continue to flash blue, you may need to contact Wyze customer support for further assistance.

Power Cycling Base Stations

If your Wyze Bulbs are flashing blue, it means that the bulbs are not properly connected to the Wyze Bridge. To fix this issue, power cycle your Wyze Bulb base station. First, turn off the Wyze Bulb base station. Then, unplug the power cord from the Wyze Bulb base station and wait for 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds have passed, plug the power cord back into the Wyze Bulb base station and turn it on. Once the Wyze Bulb base station is back on, your Wyze Bulbs should be properly connected to the Wyze Bridge and will stop flashing blue.

Resetting the Router

Are your Wyze lights flashing blue? If so, it's likely that your router needs to be reset. To do this, simply unplug your router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Once your router has restarted, open the Wyze app and go to the Devices tab. From here, select the light that is flashing blue and tap "Repair."

This will help establish a new connection between your light and your router. If you continue to experience problems, you may need to factory reset your Wyze light. To do this, press and hold the button on the back of the light for 10 seconds. The light will flash rapidly when the reset is complete. After performing a factory reset, you'll need to set up your Wyze light again from scratch.

Generate a Support Ticket

If you're having trouble with your Wyze Lights Flashing Blue, the best thing to do is reach out to Wyze support. They'll be able to help you troubleshoot the issue and get your lights back up and running in no time. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem yourself. First, make sure that all of the connections are tight and secure.

Next, check the power source to ensure that it's working properly. If everything looks good so far, try resetting the light by turning it off and then on again. If none of these solutions work, then Wyze support will be able to help you figure out what's going on.

Seven Tips to Keep Your Wyze Lightbulb in Good Condition

Wyze lightbulbs are designed to provide superior lighting quality at an affordable price. However, like any other type of lightbulb, they will eventually burn out and need to be replaced. To help extend the life of your Wyze lightbulbs, here are seven tips for proper maintenance:

  1. Wyze lightbulbs should be handled with care. Avoid touching the glass portion of the bulb with your bare hands, as this can cause the glass to break.
  2. Wyze lightbulbs should be screwed in tightly to ensure a good connection.
  3. Wyze lightbulbs should be wiped down regularly with a dry cloth to remove dust and debris.
  4. Wyze lightbulbs should not be used with dimmer switches, as this can shorten their lifespan.
  5. Wyze lightbulbs should not be left on for more than 4 hours at a time, as this can also shorten their lifespan.
  6. Wyze lightbulbs should be located in a well-ventilated area to prevent overheating.
  7. Wyze lightbulbs should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, as this can damage the bulb.

Benefits of Using a Wyze lightbulb

Wyze lightbulbs are designed to provide superior quality lighting at an affordable price. Wyze lightbulbs use LED technology, which is more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. Wyze lightbulbs also last longer than traditional bulbs, saving you money on replacement costs over time.

In addition, Wyze lightbulbs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any need. Whether you're looking for a Wyze lightbulb for your home or office, Wyze has a bulb to meet your needs.

If your Wyze light is flashing blue, it means that the base station is not connecting. There are several things you can do to try and fix this issue. First, check to ensure that the light and the base station are plugged in properly. Second, restart your router. Third, if you have a phone or another device with internet access near your Wyze light, try moving it closer to the light. Fourth, update your firmware. Finally, if all of these steps fail, contact customer service for help.

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