Best Fishing Vacations: Top 16 List

Whether you’re looking for the best fishing vacation in or just outside the US, there’s no shortage of the best fishing destinations.

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Whether it’s the idea of catching a huge fish, angling in an aqua park or fishing around the pristine sandy beaches, here are the best fishing vacations to fulfill your angling fantasies.

The excitement of sharing a fishing vacation with your favorite persons can be one of the best ways to reconnect and make new memories together. The sound and excitement of watching your fishing rod pop can be thrilling, to say the least. So if you’ve been wondering about the best fishing vacations, you’ve come to the right place.

In addition to breaths of clean, crisp air, the best fishing vacations should allow you to soak up the sunshine, hit the rod, and let the reel scream. Whether you’re looking for the best fishing vacation in the US or an invigorating fishing destination just outside the US, there’s no shortage of the best fishing destinations. That being said, you shouldn’t have any problem choosing the best place where you can use your rod and reel to whip up a tasty meal and probably your best catch ever!

If you’ve been thinking of making angling your next big vacation, make sure you check out these destinations and get out for the adventure.

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1.  Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Targets: Steelhead, King Salmon, Halibut

Whether you want to experience a superb family fishing vacation or want a thrilling and quiet fishing vacation as a loner, you’re guaranteed of having fine fishing in Kenai. This is home to some of the world’s largest King Salmon as well as some of the most gorgeous and tastiest fish species such as steelhead and halibut.

That’s not all; you can enjoy your day hiking in nearby parks and meadows such as Cunningham Park and Meek’s Trail. Kenai is a short drive from Soldotna, which is widely known as the “King Salmon capital of the world.” In essence, Kenai offers everything you’d want to have in the best fishing vacation.

2.  Mammoth Lakes, California

Targets: Rainbow trout, Golden trout, Owens sucker, Smallmouth bass

From the snow-capped mountain peaks to clear waters of the Mammoth Lakes, this Eastern Sierra destination is a great place to enjoy the weather while catching some of the best trout species such Brook trout, Golden trout, Brown trout and many more.

This area is also full of many resorts with cabins, campsites, and boat rental facilities, which will make your fishing vacation even more attractive. And because the Mammoth Lakes have numerous lake shores, it’s very easy to find an exclusive fishing spot, as well as tumbling streams that’ll certainly increase your chances of getting a unique trout species to your dinner table.

3.  Orange Beach, Alabama

Targets: Speckled trout, Red snapper, Cobia, Mackerel, Redfish

If you’re planning for a fishing vacation with your kids, Orange Beach promises one of the best fishing vacations. The idea of catching some proper Redfish and Red Snapper on the sandy white beaches of Orange Beach sounds truly marvelous for kids. Add this to the artificial reefs that are so close to the shore and you will enhance the adventure.

You can also move a little inshore and the speckled trout will be in plenty. You should consider going for a fishing vacation during the summer when the Red Snapper takes over and you’re sure your kids won’t get bored as they’ll want to get on in the action.

4.  Andros, Bahamas

Targets: Tuna, Wahoo, Billfish

Bahamas is, of course, not that far from the US and can be an ideal fishing destination, especially if you’ve been thinking about deep fishing, bonefishing, and reef fishing. While the Swain’s Cay Lodge is a good place to start off, you can choose any place on this island and you’ll be right in the middle of some of the most unique and elusive fish species in the world.

There are also a plethora of independent local guides to make your fishing vacation much better as they’ll show you the right spots depending on the weather conditions and tides. This is, without a doubt, one of the best places for big game fishing.

5.  Everglades City, Florida

Targets: Redfish, Snook, Sheepshead, Cobia, Grouper, Pompano, Bass

The Everglades National Park in Florida is home to over 10,000 islands and probably one of the best places for a fishing vacation. Home to abundant wildlife, this is a great place to immerse into fishing as well as other activities such as hunting.

With both freshwater and saltwater, this is a thrilling destination for both freshwater and saltwater fish species; all in one spot! You can also access rental kayaks, canoes, bikes, airboat trips, waterfront cabins and anything else you might need to make your fishing vacation memorable.

6.  Big Lake, Arizona

Targets: Rainbow, Brown Trout, Cutthroat, Brook

If you’ve been looking for a great fishing destination where you’ll get the best stock of various fish species both in the summer and winter, Big Lake is a superb option. In addition to a plethora of fish species, Big Lake has some of the best tourist facilities in the country. From local tackle shops to rental facilities, you don’t have to worry about having to carry heavy fishing tackle to your vacation.

Don’t forget to carry your camera if you want unforgettable pictures from this picturesque region, especially with those White Mountains behind you!

7.  Port Isabel, Texas

 Targets: Redfish, Speckled trout, Tarpon, Snook

Located at the southernmost end of Texas’ famous Lower Laguna Madre Bay, Port Isabel is mythical and has always attracted generations of saltwater anglers. This is a clear and shallow fishing destination that offers a diversity of game fishing and a huge area to roam and fish in secluded spots; a luxury that’s not afforded to anglers in most coastal waters.

Port Isabel boasts a fishable Snook population in the continental US save for South Florida. That’s not all; Redfish is a top drawer for anglers in this region. This is unquestionably a great playground for anglers looking for diverse catches while enjoying the sunny weather that Texas is widely known for.

8.  San Diego, California

Targets: Halibut, White Seabass, Mahi Mahi, California Sheepshead, Rock Cod

Just like many fishing destinations in California, San Diego has become synonymous with hip anglers. This place offers a great fishing destination for some of the unique fish species such as White Seabass, Mahi Mahi, and California Sheepshead.

A great place for both shallow water fishing and deep fishing; this is a wonderful fishing destination that will be perfect for you all year-round. While summer fishing is viral, you’ll never get bored in other seasons. Add San Diego to your fishing destinations bucket list and you’ll never regret it when the time comes to mark it off the bucket list.

9.  Niagara River, New York

Targets: Muskies, Smallmouth bass, Walleyes

Connecting the US and Canada, the Niagara River may be popular for the glorious Niagara Falls but it’s also a superb fishing destination. This river connects Lake Ontario and Erie and is a perfect place for numerous fish species such as Muskies, Walleyes, and Smallmouth bass.

You can consider starting your fishing vacation in Lewiston, a riverside town in New York. Besides the fishing trip, this destination is also great for hiking, biking, jet boating, and many other thrilling activities.

10. Westport, Connecticut

Targets: Flounder, Scup, Striped Bass, Little Tunny

A perfect fishing destination from May to November, Westport will never disappoint you as far as the best fishing vacation is concerned. With numerous local waters, you can enjoy a long stretch of sand, privacy, as well as thousands of beachgoers that love this place.

Having held to the title of the “best fishing spot in Connecticut” for years, Westport is a scenic town that not only offers some of the best fishing charters in the US but also has expansive beaches that will take your fishing vacation to a whole new level.

11. Lake Pymatuning, Pennsylvania

Targets: Walleyes, Channel Catfish, White Crappie, Yellow Perch, Bluegill

Straddling the Ohio-Pennsylvania border in northwest Pennsylvania, Pymatuning Lake is a 17,088-acre reservoir that provides numerous angling opportunities for anglers. With a healthy population, of walleyes, muskies, sunfish, catfish and many more, this is a very relaxing place for fishing.

As a widely known fishing destination, this place has numerous tackle shops, facilities, and rental amenities to make your fishing vacation more fun. There are a lot of affordable lakeside cabins, rental kayaks, canoes, and fishing gear.

12. Honolulu, Hawaii

Targets: Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo Blue Marlins

Imagine teaming up some of the world’s biggest blue marlins and the turquoise waters. This is exactly what Honolulu gives you! It’s not only a great place to relax and enjoy but it’s also a nice place to fish both in freshwater and saltwater.

Given that fishing is a deeply-entrenched Hawaiian tradition, you’ll, of course, have to respect the waters and adhere to various fishing regulations. However, this shouldn’t limit your fishing vacation in one of the most gorgeous places in the world. All you have to do is observe the rules and you’ll be good to go.

13. Lake Reelfoot, Tennessee

Targets: Bluegills, Thick-bodied Largemouth bass, Crappies, Catfish

Formed as a result of a serious earthquake over 2 centuries ago, Lake Reelfoot is an angler’s paradise. With over 54 fish species, this is one of the largest natural fish hatcheries in the world. While it’s ideal to fish in Lake Reelfoot from March through mid-July and between September and October, you can consider visiting during any time of the year.

In addition to fishing guides that are helpful to newcomers, there are numerous public boat ramps and fishing piers that are accessibly located around the lake. You should, however, keep in mind that Lake Reelfoot is essentially a flooded forest, full of submerged cypress stumps, so you should expect the boat to hit some stumps here and there. As such, you should go slow and avoid jet skiing or water skiing. In essence, the challenge and uniqueness of navigating these stumps while fishing should be perfect for any adrenaline junk.

14. Black Hills, South Dakota

Targets: Trout, Crappies, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Sauger. Bluegill, White Bass

The unique geology of Black Hills, combined with the impeccable scenery, and endless streams makes this South Dakota destination one of the best places for a fishing vacation. From freestones, tailwaters, meandering mountain streams to spring creeks and small reservoirs, Black Hills offers a plethora of fishing opportunities for everyone.

While fishing in the Black Hills is perfect from mid-March to mid-November, the unique weather patterns make it a great destination for ice fishing, summer fishing, and winter fishing. All you have to do is come out to the Black Hills and experience the scenic exquisiteness of the hills, relaxing atmosphere, and splendid fishing!

15. Bear Lake State Park, Idaho

Targets: Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout Cutthroat

Bear Lake State Park is an incredible place to combine biking, hiking, bird watching, watersports, and fishing! Straddling the state lines of Idaho and Utah, Bear Lake State Park is the second-largest natural freshwater lake in Utah. Add this to the unbelievable sapphire color of the water and perhaps watching your rod screaming when pulling out a fish will not only look stunning but also unreal.

While most anglers prefer boat fishing in Bear Lake, this is still a great place for fly fishing. It’s a quick getaway from the city buzz and is a wonderful place to unwind and have some fun fishing.

16. Lewes, Delaware

Targets: Black Seabass, Sharks, Mahi Mahi, Flounder, Striped Bass

Located at the mouth of the Delaware Bay overlooking the Atlantic, this is a picturesque place to enjoy a fishing vacation. You can explore various fishing grounds and target various fish trophies. If you’ve been looking forward to targeting some of the toughest fish species, you’ll never get bored fishing here.

There are numerous migrating fish that make their way past Lewes. As such, you’ll always have a thrilling fishing vacation thanks to plenty of fish. Whether you want to chill out while fishing or looking forward to a pulse-racing adventure, Lewes has everything you may need in a fishing vacation.


To this end, we hope that this article will help you determine the best fishing vacations for you. These fishing destinations may be near or far but they all provide the most perfect places to quest your fishing thirst, cast your lines, enjoy your vacations, and land some trophy catches!

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